The Manger

Jesus Christ came in spirit to reveal what was not explained for full understanding in scriptures of the temple.So on this purpose son of God wanted to all these in our hearts.
Jesus made known to the world was started during his birth.
Abraham was a wealthy man of his herds and thousands of sheeps almost covered his land.He was the only one pasturing all of those.During the time of Moses a descendant of Hebrew/Israel,doing the same and on the latter the animals that Israel cares using for slaughters offering in cleansing of sins in the temple for all Israel’s community.
In same land Jesus was born laid on the manger with grasses for the food of animals shelters there.So the message clear to us for this.Jesus said a lot of words in mission before he died.Some words such as “a time will come you no longer to praise in temple” to understand that holy place was not an instrument of salvation was to God and the priests same also to the people.Also he said,”you will not anymore in thirst and hungers”, and the message is certain,he is a true sheperd … the feeder.represents the manger.He is the water while he sitting on the well of Jacob when sayng this.And he is the bread of life but not anymore grass eating by sheeps and other animals.He wanted us true sons of God as humans.He lays on the manger for our food and drink offer to us.Ah…a certain good Sheperd.


Prince of Peace,the King of Israel

Many also asking, what is the certain title of Jesus Christ a prince or a king? A song says,Silent night,holy night,all is calm,all is bright…
Jesus birth occured at midnight a time of peace as called holy hour to farewell darkness,to hello the sun rising of next morning to wake and foresaw the creation but to new.
Jesus started his missions when he was at age of seven at the temple teaching of love of God a sign of peace each one and to the world.He journeyed to the the whole land of Israel that governed by his father King David and scattered the two laws of peace.He teached about the meaning and to obey God.Humbles is the great instrument of peace. King Herode find infant Jesus to kill when he heard that the baby will become king.As he Understand the king to be will ruin his kingdom because during their times the wars against kinddom and strongest will stand.King Herode never was understood about the news that Jesus born as a prince of peace not for war of slaughters.
Jesus also showed an example to his desciples by washing their feet because they have missions through out the world.As he said,”the master should to serve his servant and not the servant to his master”.It symbolized respect and humble that no one will against you if you wash his feet.
Like in kingdoms,the crowned king is father and the son serves the king as prince or right hand.And if right time come, when the prince succeeded his job,and the crown will transfer to him and pronnouce as king.Jesus Christ pursued as prince and take over as king next to his father overall to the house of Jacob Israel symbolising his position on top of Christmas tree looked by bundle of starlights.

The Christmas Story

Turning back in ancient history,Jacob(Israel) almost to die when his most beloved son Joseph the sheperd had lost.But the descendants of Joseph became many as stars means heavenly and looked upon.Joseph the moon to kneel down among of the stars as his brothers.To make the story short,these descendants uprooted from holy land for punishment because of committing committing serious of sins.They scattered and lost among nations as slavery and forgotten even God in their minds.In time that they can not longer to carry the bitterness of grieves,in groaning crying and shouting for help from the God of their forefathers.And God heard there humbles asking for mercy.Then God promised to send fishermen to catch them and good sheperd.Announced that God will find them
And the most special and unforgettable gift fulfilled for the humbles.We all knew Jesus birth in same place of his forefathers.He lays on a manger of herds.Jesus is from the household and family tree of sheperd.And Jesus called his disciples as fishers of men and his title Christ is a good sheperd.As we calls today,Belen displays,the moon on the head of holy family tells us where they’ve been.And Joseph the carpenter as Jesus father reminds us the house builder.The Christmas story will not be faded and always in our hearts.
Jesus is the greatest gift of God for us and the acceptable offering and redeemtion from sins.

God Revealed

How many times in old scriptures written about the coming of Messiah where the temple of God stands and the domain kingdom of David.And the Messiah born also at same place.But in behalf all of these nobody watched so the previous holy failed.In star province of Judea where Jesus born in little town of Bethlehem was scriptures keeper serves and called masters of the law library was known sinagog.No one praised the birth of the new king instead but instead they planned to kill him.
Mesa de Gallo in Spanish word or rooster mass is the symbol of new morning is about to come,already in our hands means the night is over.These was repeated for the final revelation when Jesus said to Peter that he will deny him in three crows of rooster that his death in next day is to reveal the redemption from old to new what was lost.But Peter could not use his key to open the new kingdom of heaven for those who denies Jesus Christ.
On these signs God revealed the hearts of the people and put in our hearts through Jesus Christ.
The first crows occured was the flood, second destruction of the kingdom of King David to make people to wake up to see the living God but none of those.The final crow and final destruction of Jerusalem to open our eyes for bright mornings and only devil will afraid and scared that still love of darkness.
We have still of these celebrations and observations of God’s bright purpose.And God revealed to plant in every one’s heart forever and for generations to come.

Note : In book of Mathew Jon de Baptist refused to baptised the Pharisees (temple priests).He said to them,”the ad is already to you for cutoff and to burn into fire”.
And Jesus Christ himself said in same gospel,”This fig tree could no longer to produce fruit”.Following day Apostles amazed when the fig tree found withered.The fig tree symbolized the ancient land.

House of Savior

Jacob was selected fruit from the first fruits of Abraham.Joseph the most beloved son of Jacob among the twelve.And Joseph had two sons born to Joseph named Manasseh and Ephraim and the two became multitudes in children compared to other nations as God”s prophecy through Abraham.But Ephraim is more blessed than his brother Manasseh.
Ephraim bears name Israel inherited from his grandfather offsprings called Stars.The most spectacular and proven,because the center of most sacred dwelling in his land the so called Bethel and the bones of their grandfather Jacob and father Joseph buried in the land of Ephraim as they requested while they still living before of their Exodus in Egypt and die. Land Ephraim became Samaria during the time of Jesus Christ.If we remember,Jesus Christ sitting on Jacob’s well when he speaks to Samaritan woman he said,”the time will come that they will no longer to dwell in Jerusalem”.And mentioned also that Jesus Christ visited in the land but first mentioned Ephraim.And also mentioned,that one man lives in the land welcomed Jesus Christ in his house and said by Jesus,”I came here to find the lost sheep of Israel” confirming that said person is a Roman.
The family tree which we should have to know many not knows while celebrating the christian holidays and in making and in making the beautiful Christmas tree chords by twinkling star lights as our symbol the delightful life as gift witnessed by shinning star on top the birth of superstar from the line of JHS-Joseph the house of Savior in the new world.

The Christmas Tree

Jacob came from the good and selected fruit of Abraham as the stars called twelve tribes of Israel,Jacob himself.And the family became multitudes compares amongst all people in the world.They scattered among nations because of not abiding to the old laws.But from the approated family tree fruits,there was a seed sprouted from the branch of Jesse a man became king in their fruit yard named David.And there was seed sprouted from King David.
The Bible explained Jesus Christ was from the family of David according to census.And we all knew Jesus did,he find the losts and reconciled to form again as one family depends to their ancestor God..Abraham as only consider the family members in faith.The family tree.
Creating of new world and in bonding of one family the beautiful brilliant decorations from ancient tree endless sparkling stars bearing good fruits fertilized by wisdom words of Christ on top of a tree calls now… the Christmas tree.
The Apostles salutes to Caesar’s household (means Roman).(Philippians 4:22).

The message of a Star

“Your descendants will be became like many as of the stars”.This was the message of God to Abraham.Star,brilliant,shining,looked and hope of the night.
In old time,considered dark ages the grieves of our fathers.After those hardships and difficulties,and God saved them from the hands of their enemies,the prophets announced the message of God to people”Shine,shine to the children of Jacob”.
During the birth of Jesus Christ the whole land became bright because of the giant star appeared in the sky and found out was came from the holy family that from the lines of Jacob as said the lowest family amongst the twelve tribes.
The history proven and thought of today,Jesus Christ is super star and Christianity are the stars.Bible is spectacular in records about ages.
The message of a star that appeared during the birth of our savior at midnight,reminds for the shinning of Christians in the new day from the darked past.
Meaning even at night time of our situations,the super star always guiding us.
And the shinning city where considers holy people,in his time as morning stars will kneel before him.