Heaven and Hell

Evil interacted with first partner Adam and Eve in so called Paradise here supposedly started the building of heaven.They influenced by Satan from straight to crooked.Meaning Paradise been turned into hell in same manner the name Paradise changed by name of one place every one knows today.God driven them out because he never be wanted the all future children will be committed in spell.Then the planned changed and pivoted.
Then when Israel captivated Canaan and devided into twelve tribes sons of Jacob,God again created his sacred place to dwell by his beloved people Israel in their appointed place was called Bethel.Just because of committing serious sins Israel and again influenced by evil burned and abolished.
And the most was the Temple built by the son of king David as God commanded.But again was judged uprooted and ruined in 64 A.D.but most terrible amongst all, nobody let saved in whole province and City especially people those who serving at the Temple.As commanded no one allowed to live means no mercy.Again entered by demons.
The pivotal creation of heaven on Earth lastly given revelation.Transfered again,but very spectacular strong built up and never be upprooted instead will endure forever.
Heaven surely created on earth able God is with us where place to praise him with true heavenly love fragrance offering to be accepted.No one created hell,It created when we lost in God then also within our hearts to destroy us by fire in angers.


The Birth

Christians with the form of such religions today,tradition is to celebrate birthdays.If we think so,none of our ancestors celebrates birthdays sinced in old testament of the Bible.
Also Jesus Christ did not mentioned about this to celebrate.He did not also acknowledged with his date of birth until he died.But in certain Jesus celebrates his death as called “The last supper” as the fulfillment of his mission.In accordance with our every date birth yearly,means the counting of age that added how long we stays living in this world.Christian life born in this world is for serving with suffer and sacrifice to endure until we gone from flesh.Even in what situations happiness we feels in our hearts is the gift of faithfulness whatever is that what about but just shortly,while sorrows and pains make us strong in faith in relations with God.
Celebrations are not anymore required on us.Yes.we have to rejoice the birth of Jesus as to refresh the Messiah and redeemer came to us as prophesied fulfilled. During our birth out in this world to live,we all cries loud.In about to die,no one scream in sadness that he has to leave.

The Sheperd and the Sheeps

Commonly we using Sheperd and Sheeps about these words from the Bible.In old testament a lot of verses used these pertains God as Sheperd and Sheeps for Israel.The sentence says”Israel is my sheep and I am their sheperd their God.I will put them in pastureland where to keep them safely”.And Israel is my “Rock”.
To review,Jacob lived in formerly Hebron and his twelve son’s known the twelve tribes of Israel born here as sheperds tending the Sheeps .Hebron where was this generation lives there called Hebrews and on latter called Bethlehem where also Jesus born and sheperds was witnessed this.
In this point Hebron/Bethlehem was the pastureland where sheperds and Sheeps came from.Jesus lived in Nazareth where old Israelites or place Israel declared when the twelve tribes forced taken from Canaanites (Canaan). Jesus as sheperd found his lost Sheeps upon scatters upon this rock (north Israel).We can witness this in viewing the geographic maps during Palestine time and time of Jesus Christ.Was Dan (the seventh tribe) in old Palestine and became Zceasarea Philippi during Palestine in time of Christ.
Then when Peter responsible for the key given by God,he migrated as commanded in Rome and open the door of heaven.And this heaven’s yard became pastureland of Christ’s Sheeps.Jesus Christ himself is the sheperd.
And true Sheeps are in safe,away from violence.
Or Roman Christian Church is the key going to heaven where the father and son sits.

The Living and the Dead

Judgment is not just but according to the will of God.Man could not judge others to claim he is the son of God in behalf of his accused or he never wanted for what done by others in mistakes.
Judgment has been shown based on what happened.Jerusalem was the first Holy Land,the prime dwelling place,the throne of King David were stands and scriptures kept.But it rejected by Jesus Christ and ruined by Romans in 64 A.D..But why?Early Romans was the lost tribes and find then found by Jesus Christ and the sermons of God’s will planted in their hearts with regard of laws.Jesus Christ never taught about scriptures and church where he should be to praise of.But he only said,”On this rock I will build my church” at same place where he was with Romans the Zceasarea Philippi in the north where also Jesus lives nearby in Nazareth.(Matthew 13:16…please read previous posts).
During that time,before Jesus Christ arrive with us,the “living” are people of Judeah/Jerusalem (south) because the kingdom of God and laws where lives.The “dead” pertained to Romans because they not covered of laws.Judah/Jerusalem and Temple priests called Roman gentiles – the dirty people eating forbidden foods as written in the book of laws and never was attending in Temple ritual yearly by cleansing of sins.Roman gentiles the poverty people down looking by southern kingdom as riches land claiming God is with them.
In announcement of Christ diverted when he came (to read in first pages of Matthew’s Gospel) and the living and the dead were judged.
And the dead will rise from the dead to live as Jesus Christ was.But sufferings and difficulties first will experience as him to sanctify Christian’s and be glorified…again,same with Jesus Christ will die and to live .Just it’s because is this our religion.

Forest Paradise

Formerly paradise in creation by first opposite partner driven out from this place after committed mortal sins.
In certain of thought was not driven out from literal place,paradise said is a place here on earth.Driven out means cancellation from holiness after their minds stained by sins for the deliverance as mortal to live normal in the land captivated by sins.Man and descendants will in hardship of living until death.And the plan is to redeem by cleansing of death and be brought in other world of paradise.
Paradise commonly knew as a sign of giant river Eufrates and Hala and on the latter known as Assyria where these rivers located.After committing of sins men learned to wish a pedestal.Sky or outer space what in seeings they desired to reach in first reading about the Tower of Babil.But God not permitted because it was wrong and never be fulfilled.And God destructed as a sign warning.Then many times same has happened in this world.
In generations came and gone, people became intelligent in modern times as called,earth developed in great and beautiful eventually in kind of living.People all wishes in easy lives,joyful as modern paradise.
But yes,the forest expanded paradise and became crowded.All of these are the harvest in committing of sins.
As Bible declared,we have serpents and snakes,leopards.lions,tigers goat and sheeps and lot more.Can also be said,the forest of stones.But we knew on what stone that God built his church for his sheeps.

Anti – Christ 2

Jerusalem and the temple was destructed in 64 A.D.because that Anti- Christs still doing blood offerings at altar.Rituals by slaughtering of animals for cleansing of sin that never needed anymore.Jesus Christ performed outside about his crucifixion not in said holy place.Meaning a sign of rejection.
In our time others still practicing this but mostly they are doing in Holy or sacred places of dwellings.Holy places are light for the words and name of God,but as the hiding nest of the sons of doom.Some by accusing God on what happens to their lives and others are asking for petitions personally.
On these situations,where now their faithfulness on things that God answered and given?Hiding for what they are evil doings.God people deceits but holies can not.Can recognize them in their eyes that in fire connecting hell in their hearts of anger of reality.
Yes,many that are not permanently going in dwelling places but they knows whatever they do and wherever they go that God is with them light guiding them.In behalf of the sons of the devil, permanently in doom and always in danger.Anti- Christ are not doing as Christ commanded even in our times.The only two slight commandments or laws as yoke that makes heavy to them.

Money Root of Evil

Because of money, even the most sacred thing that God developed to form in peace many evils investing for personal purposes.
Nupial or marriage is the most instrument in today’s generations.Marriage is using to have profit in investing and to gain assets.The promise of vow devil mind and a liar heart is sacrifice on what the outcome of life destruction and soul included.
One of the two in happy marriage is an evil on what God had planned to ruin involving many making trouble in family joined circles.Miss understandings to produce angers.Friends and even neighbors are interrogatives.
In happy engagement until a couple where they bonded lot of witnesses especially in signing of contact as an affidavit be consolidated for the future what ever will be.And after a couple of years the devil from two will be recognized.One is covering and one showing in noise in good.And the wall wants in lying for will become a barrier between.
And a contract paper that both signed up sometimes there’s a single winner.Devided in two from the assets of one.
Planting of love with a root of evil to gain money to ruin them all.
Don’t make a fool in the image of rust love.Look then also a pure gold.Gold,yet not a money until it be furnished in fire.