A Man from Nazareth

There was written in old testament by Isiah in part of Zebullon and Naphtali along the river of Galilee.These old provinces in northern Judea became named Nazareth where our Lord Jesus Christ lived.A person who lives in Nazareth called Nazarene.

Zebulon and Naphtali were the prime captives of  Assyrians during their times amongst the ten tribes (losts) by not abiding the laws of Mosses sins that never be atoned for(in slaughtering of animals for offering).In time of Jesus in his mission,he journeyed back from his land Nazareth down Judeah and entered Jerusalem were he also accused by not abiding the law of the law where he claims as the son of God  hiding to say he is the head priest of Israel.And the truth not accepted by the priests of the temple.

The northern kingdom by provinces called Gentiles means out law of the temple.In goodness to us by God and compassion,to understand Jesus sent to reveal these things.To pardoned us and by breaking these laws untieting forever.A man from Nazareth again journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha carrying his cross for persecution until he die.

Christians have a human size of image in a point he carries his cross during his passion called black Nazarene.The Nazarene of cross were buned but not totally burnt.And what about to show us with regard of this miracle? Maybe or surely God never wanted the greatest thing to fade away in our hearts.It must to us in refreshing on what God done for us.

A man of Nazareth continues in jouney carrying our sins before his followers.And those believes in him their petitions will be granted,


Religion of Truth

Many says that no religion has proven true and honest religion that can save people.But here we could determine if there is or none according to the history.

In time of Mosses with early Israelites in the book of Leviticus,olds of Israel signed up with blood of agreement by observing or to follow the laws.And they requires to offer sacrifices by means of slaughtering their own animals with no blemishes either goat, sheeps or bulls…blemishes not be accepted.Each tribe are must to do it every year as cleansing of their sins because the dense cloud of God appears with them.By consecration of temple priests,no one be allowed from community to enter  the temple they only to endorse the blood of slaughtered animals by putting in the basin handles by the priest in temple entrance.It be done in sacred altar behind the curtain and blood be poured on the ten commandments box and the priest will sprinkle the left overt blood in finger to the community.Sins be never confirm cleansed if the blood will wash down from the box upon pouring of water.And every year must be done as commanded.

And the house of Joseph failed to do this their allotted lands are so far away from the temple seventy two hours they must to travel and they have so many families (also  we have noticed when boy Jesus finding him by his mother before he found in the temple of Jerusalem) north provinces of Israel down to the province of Judea.And it accounted for the sins of Israel and their relationship including the old agreement with God has broken.

Jesus Christ came for the recovery of these.He redeemed by his own body and blood not by animals but once and never be repeated.When Jesus said,”finished” upon dying wth storm and earthquake the lightning hits the curtain covering the temple altar  torned down means the old rituals has finished and to renew a new agreement.

And finally,Jesus Christ rose up into heaven in wounded body by offering to the most high sacred altar of the father with our behalves and not in the altar of the temple.And temple/Jerusalem destructed in 64 A.D. to abolish.

Star of Israel

The three kings named Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar known as Maggi was not further mentioned in the Bible that  where they came from or what are their native lands.Later on known also that they are astronomers studying heavenly bodies or mostly said so the scientists.

They from in different directions and meet in same way heading one destination.Them selves, the big star that they follows for was not an ordinary meteor from outer space upon approaching it moves guiding them to bring in a place of destination.Never known about the exact place but they knew the Messiah is born and will be the king of Israel.

Several days of journey finally the star of Israel stop in Bethlehem where the sheperds ancestors  of a child also was born especially the most famous king David where came from – the pastureland of sheeps.Where the boy Jesus lays the Maggi kneels before the child and offer what they brings him for.

The star of Israel appeared to light his lost sheeps that scattered among nations,gathers from bondage now rising upon heavens.



Behind Healing

Leprosy the uncure disease, healed by faith in the book of King’s.Naanam was a man from Syria sacrificed with disease of leprosy and of his faith when he instructed one of prophet in taking a bath from the water flows from the tank of Shilo (means heaven) in sacred place Bethel built by Jacob. The miracle witnessed by people in the land of unbelievable on what happened.In the Gospels of new testament Jesus used this lines written by Isiah,the opening of the book as judgment in front of Temple’s Pharisees and they scared with angers.The province of Syria in the north where the Mount of Hermon stands in town of Ceasarea Philippi the Roman colony.Reminding about the first announcement of God to our early ancestors because of committing serious sins they will not be cured and cleanseMore subjects of healing was are the blind,deaf the limp and others that Jesus said they could see, hear and can walk.Many people says,it could be true because until now many of these people gets  multiple by increasing.But behind to these spiritual healing they could never seen and understand.By receiving wisdom from God serves by Jesus ,a lot of these people today have learned in reading using signs in hands and by fingers.Many also of them now mostly are teachers and in medica.They hears,sees and can stands by not depending from normal people.



Church of Christ

Before,the church of God called sacred or dwelling place place after paradise abolished because of the devil’s doom,the first morning of days created again darkened between man and the creator.
The first dwelling or sacred places of God ruined people praise with idols and offerings things not based in God instructions.Bethel made for the most holy built by Jacob as God’s commanded,but became evil to the eyes of God and disestable so ruined by burning.
And the temple judged by Jesus Christ ended at same happened but most horrible and awful.Every time when we go to church,we consider that is the house of god and we hope about salvation.In attending the ceremony giving of donation sometimes is must.But the heads of the church not admitted when we ask,if they are icluded in salvation. The church of Christ announced and revealed in final when Jesus came.Who ever rejected and not qualified sinced the world has begun are not members of the the church.
This be supposed to know the sign and each one must know.
The church of Christ not standing in a single place like when he was in journey.If where sheeps be,the sheperd also there. especially the losts.Must know in what place he visited in favor as his house.It started in his sermoned.Sermon on the Mount where people listened his words and put in their hearts and followed Jesus Christ as said crowd.The Mount Hermon is the main journey of Jesus at the town of Ceasarea Philippi goes down in the provinces of northern Judah.That places are included in the house of Savior.
Members knows the creation,the reality of Christ from the start to the end.To understand about revelation is the true meaning that each one must know the Church of Christ and who he is.
And Christianity is a certain religion of salvation and why? Christ raised and face the father with the wound in his body as offering…. payment of our sins.

The Manger

Jesus Christ came in spirit to reveal what was not explained for full understanding in scriptures of the temple.So on this purpose son of God wanted to all these in our hearts.
Jesus made known to the world was started during his birth.
Abraham was a wealthy man of his herds and thousands of sheeps almost covered his land.He was the only one pasturing all of those.During the time of Moses a descendant of Hebrew/Israel,doing the same and on the latter the animals that Israel cares using for slaughters offering in cleansing of sins in the temple for all Israel’s community.
In same land Jesus was born laid on the manger with grasses for the food of animals shelters there.So the message clear to us for this.Jesus said a lot of words in mission before he died.Some words such as “a time will come you no longer to praise in temple” to understand that holy place was not an instrument of salvation was to God and the priests same also to the people.Also he said,”you will not anymore in thirst and hungers”, and the message is certain,he is a true sheperd … the feeder.represents the manger.He is the water while he sitting on the well of Jacob when sayng this.And he is the bread of life but not anymore grass eating by sheeps and other animals.He wanted us true sons of God as humans.He lays on the manger for our food and drink offer to us.Ah…a certain good Sheperd.

Prince of Peace,the King of Israel

Many also asking, what is the certain title of Jesus Christ a prince or a king? A song says,Silent night,holy night,all is calm,all is bright…
Jesus birth occured at midnight a time of peace as called holy hour to farewell darkness,to hello the sun rising of next morning to wake and foresaw the creation but to new.
Jesus started his missions when he was at age of seven at the temple teaching of love of God a sign of peace each one and to the world.He journeyed to the the whole land of Israel that governed by his father King David and scattered the two laws of peace.He teached about the meaning and to obey God.Humbles is the great instrument of peace. King Herode find infant Jesus to kill when he heard that the baby will become king.As he Understand the king to be will ruin his kingdom because during their times the wars against kinddom and strongest will stand.King Herode never was understood about the news that Jesus born as a prince of peace not for war of slaughters.
Jesus also showed an example to his desciples by washing their feet because they have missions through out the world.As he said,”the master should to serve his servant and not the servant to his master”.It symbolized respect and humble that no one will against you if you wash his feet.
Like in kingdoms,the crowned king is father and the son serves the king as prince or right hand.And if right time come, when the prince succeeded his job,and the crown will transfer to him and pronnouce as king.Jesus Christ pursued as prince and take over as king next to his father overall to the house of Jacob Israel symbolising his position on top of Christmas tree looked by bundle of starlights.