The wealth of man will comes from his precious heart that keep hidden as a gift of God sinced during his birth.It be the foundation in sharing,it becomes like the foundation of aboundace nature the mirror of wisdom to everyone.
It be to him as the most wealthy compare with others having the vault of good reputation in the book of investment written where his name recorded and will not be fade.
With a gold traesured heart is an endless bankable investments.It will be together with all precious metals and stones throwing,hitting to form others as an golden image of God.To delight at sights capturing the feelings with magnetic attraction where he will be.
He will not be audited for not be counted investments and not be judged.


Our compassion to the needy people performs with is for the name of God and not for our selves.Upon of doing these we don’t things so but the command of our hearts.But even how we good in this world,goodness is not our invesments to gain as payments in returns.
Usually happens that if have nothing and even how good we shows such people around or neighbors ignoring and treating us enemies and every movements we have done,words we have to speak in right all nothing to others they will not give us space or time to listen and minds for understanding.We are low of knowledge no such way to do.A none, that’s it.
But people they are treating like these,they not knowing the hidden tearures in their hearts they willing to share but around are no hearings and blinded instead giving them material things if have.And the truth displays… they have nothing and beggars of compassion.
The wisdom that has kept in hearts of God’s people are ways of humbles no one could see but the Lord and people has an image of God,
No one could pay but compassion of God that only his sons could have his blessings.

The Power of Wisdom

We could not treat or think that educated people are perfectly good.But obey them as our teachers,healers and defender as lawyers protecting us proving that we are innocent when there’s an evil accused us from sins we never done.Teachers helps us to become good abiding citizens because of knowledge but we need to sacrifice be able to pass using it for fighting facing struggles in lives.
As students,someday we became also teachers and teachers are also our students about their problems that they could not be solved.Problems sometimes that formed from our knowledge that we didn’t expected.And wisdom that we have forgot is our perfect teachers of whom students having it.By the power of love grabbed by minds that had people mistaken and could not sleep.
Power of knowledge that stored in mind will never be stolen and has payment when we should to study.But something that stored in hearts,no need to steal it offers in free but not be sometimes understood by educated.The power of wisdom that stored in heart teached in mind,is the perfect teacher in truth,defender and give us peace of minds.

Saints or Sinners

Lucifer was the most beloved among angels of God.He became the right hand and trusted.But Lucifer as good became rebel to great  plans of God.Lucifer never wanted about the slow ways structural he wanted speedy and most his will world’s be become fruitful human multitudes and joyful to see.And he made successful in his plans according in him was right.
In same matters  human wishes with these are minding good to them,afraid with God’s statues but the rebellion against right and good remains what doing crooked overcoming the laws is to become great in first instance.Difficulties in lives usually man thinks is bad but in the name of God everyones knows right.Knowing and to  depend in prayer thinking God will hear with petitions to use it in right.In the days to come it diverted using God’s blessings oppressing people behind them.In selves it’s good use it in good because God is with us and we are pleasant in God’s eyes.
Forgotten that the goat and sheep almost in same appearance but knowing by other’s eyes and feelings both are in different ways of doing and in manners and judged according what hidden in their hearts.And at an end the selection of judgment occurred.Then happened the harden of problems arosed against them and back to God asking in help to problems they just done.
By accusing God what good they have done to people but why much many are against them and treating their lives.People who claims that they are near to God are those opressives.They never knew that they are evils until their time has come.In their difficult situations,they will get angry in such people that certain doing right in the name of God and envy in abundance on what they wanted to have.And angers gnashing of teeth against God will happens because showing of their deep prayers that never heard.Sinners wanting to judged as saints.

Ah,hardly to recognize who are saints or sinners.

Testimony about Salvation

Colossians 1:26 – 27 – The mystery that has been kept hidden for the ages and generations but now disclosed to the saints.To them God has chosen and make known to the Gentiles the glorious riches of the mystery,which ever is Christ in you the hope of glory.
1corinthians 2-7 – We speak of God’s secret Wisdom,a wisdom that has been hidden and that destined for our glory before time began.
Colossians 2:3-5 – In whom are hidden all treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge,I tell you this so that no one may decieve you by fine soundings of arguments.
2Tessalonians 1:5 – All the evidence that God’s judgment is right;and as the result you will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God,for which you are suffering.
On the day he comes to be glorified in his holy people and to be marbled at among all these who have believed.This includes you, because you believed our testimony to you.
How shall we escape it we ignore such Salvation?This Salvation,which was first announce by the Lord was confirmed to us by those who heard him.
God also testified to it by signs,wonders and various miracles and gifts of the holy spirit distributed according to his will.
Romans 8:29-30 – For those God foreknew he also predistened to be conformed to the likeness of his son, that might be the firstborn among many others:And those who he predestined,he also called;those he called,he also justified;those he justified,he also glorified.
For those who justified to be glorified,and glorified are elected and are included to the testimony of Salvation.

Study of Creation

Some says,sceintists don’t believe God or there is God as creator of universe.Beacause of their studies about science in outer space earth included they believes there knowledge overcoming wisdom.Yes,knowledge person has learned in acts of education but never be said as wisdom.They can not reach in a point of success without wisdom together with.
Wisdom is spiritual knowledge that no one can teach to another person able can learn about it.Persons having wisdom is spiritual born,god’s special children.They never to be compared in such persons that usually admires of many.And when they died,they not actually dead in memories of the living and wisdom will exists transfering to their blood lines so and on.Death will not overcome.And their mirrors never be faded and bkoken pictures will not disappear.Like saints have statues with feasts of special occasions and mass making procession with their images to reveal refreshing about their goodness.
Sceintists made known of their learnings and able their children to have they will also to study about written books.Sceintists studied God’s creation and they also included in the words of creation.No need to study about holy spirit.
To study about creation read and paste in heart of God’s written words.

Judgment 3

Both two kingdoms conquered by their enemies for another trials.Israel Ephraim the house of Joseph in the north because of disobeying written laws and disobedience of dwelling in Jerusalem Temple they brought in Assyria.And south Judah/Jerusalem taken in Babylon in different account of sins.
The Bible teaches on this situations,the northern kingdom even of their severe laments not knowing about God,they groaned to the God of their ancestors Abraham,Isaac and Jacob not taught by their minds but written by their blood in their hearts by forefathers blood.Southern kingdom have found their God and heaven in the hands of king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.It’s very clear certain Revelations and touched everybody’s heart.By looking above and we say,”oh, my God”.
And when Jesus Christ came he landed in northern kingdom was placed of Ephraim (Samaria),lived in Nazareth beyond river of Galilee and where he there built his twelve fishers of men to find the scatters lost sheep of Israel.
Jesus and his apostles found them in next northern province of Israel called Syria where the town of Roman colony located,Zcesarea Philippi.Here also stands Mount Hermon he transfigurated,and Jesus held his Beatitudes or sermons in front of Romans and they was interested of listening because written in their hearts and not on stone tablets.Here he announced about great tribulations of Judah/Jerusalem to occur (64 AD),his death of salvation for his people.
Peter asked Jesus,”when it be to happened about the coming of son of man”?). Because could be the coming of son will make the great tribulation.
And Jesus Christ added about final judgment,the separations of sheeps and goats,sheep will put to right and to inherit the kingdom of heaven while goats in the left and to be thrown in the lake of fire… forever.
Everybody said that Jesus Christ came was to reveal about the journeys of our ancestors Abraham,Isaac and Jacob and Insight or bases are what written by prophets.
On what written here and further to inform not from site’s author thoughts.

Betitudes – Name given to certain declaration of blessedness in Sermon of the Mount.They described certain elements go to form the refined and spiritual character and all of which will be present whenever that character exists on it’s perfection.
– Bible dictionary (KJV) page – 620