The message of a Star

“Your descendants will be became like many as of the stars”.This was the message of God to Abraham.Star,brilliant,shining,looked and hope of the night.
In old time,considered dark ages the grieves of our fathers.After those hardships and difficulties,and God saved them from the hands of their enemies,the prophets announced the message of God to people”Shine,shine to the children of Jacob”.
During the birth of Jesus Christ the whole land became bright because of the giant star appeared in the sky and found out was came from the holy family that from the lines of Jacob as said the lowest family amongst the twelve tribes.
The history proven and thought of today,Jesus Christ is super star and Christianity are the stars.Bible is spectacular in records about ages.
The message of a star that appeared during the birth of our savior at midnight,reminds for the shinning of Christians in the new day from the darked past.
Meaning even at night time of our situations,the super star always guiding us.
And the shinning city where considers holy people,in his time as morning stars will kneel before him.


Evil in the Name of God

Temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon in the name of God and to his father King David.The Temple in God’s name desolated in 64 A.D. because of the priests doing evil things in the house of God.
In our times today,we have notice the same happens if who are those in fond going in dwelling places are those doing evil.And pain is they don’t want to admit evil in their minds but worst in hearts doing bad.Using in God’s name,many deciets and can not recognize them.
In low or middle community places,they are very favored of such doing and showing very good.But when evil did not harvest on what they’ve will begin in harrasment and will end in destruction.And here the point they are so happy because they broke the certain God’s people that never binded with them.And considered the people of God are foolish and bad in the sum,diverted.Afer by doing things in the name of God,they get angers in real people of God whoever have won.
But definitely,they are minors compares with God’s angels.Sometimes we could not blame our selves on these.because of brilliant brains and shinny bladed tounges to destruct our faiths using evil in the name of God.
And evil very terrible things should be done if failed,more to use demon’s name with angers in the name of God.

The Birth

The birth of Jesus Christ all of us celebrates Christmas.However most of us keep on asking until today if Jesus birthday is exactly in this season and date?.Also in this matter new year included.
And here the explanations but need to understand written in the Bible:
In the book of Luke1:26-28-In the sixth month(June as we calls), God sent the Angel Gabriel to Nazareth,a town in Galilee to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph,a descendant of David.The virgin’s named Mary.The angel went to her and said,”Greetings,who you are highly favored!The Lord is with you.
Luke1:31-33-You will be with a child and give birth to a son,and you give him the name Jesus.He will be great and called the Son of the Most High.The Lord will give him the throne of his father David.And he will reign over the house of Jacob forever,his kingdom will never end.
Luke1:36-37-Mary visits Elizabeth who bears John De Baptist in six months.
Then if we count,if we celebrating the day of John de Baptist in June 24,exactly the birth of Jesus is December 24 but occured midnight covered to date 25.Jhon de Baptist six months older than Jesus.
Luke2:21-32-On the eight day Jesus presented in the temple as purification according to law of Mosses. And also in counting, December 25th to January 1st is eight days.As in Roman calendar is a New year.
The birth of Jesus Christ,he was not welcome in Jerusalem and he bore in Bethlehem previously known as Hebron the birth place of twelve tribes of Israel(Jacob) and also birthplace of King David as Jesus father.The Bible is accurate.
When Jesus lives until he died did not celebrate his birthdays.Jesus celebrate before his death as we called “The Last Supper”. When analysing the birth of Jesus in same place of his forefathers that sinned and ruined,yet not in new Roman calendar,a sign of the birth previous kingdom that will rebuid meaning old to new.And the death of Jesus Christ is the birth kingdom as his father David.

In Memory of the Dead

Most of the cemeteries are under the authority of the church depend upon in what religion.But Jesus Christ never mentioned he built cementery in his name.We say prayers for the dead the purpose of endorsement to high spiritual authority and this very important to do by relatives.Because a lot died not in their times and not called with God.Even dead body never with them,important they had confirmed about relative’s death.But the interment ceremony is not important in gathering many people to attend as banquet it depends to them selves in how popular the dead while still living in faith.
To those living relative’s can afford or the dead had received claimed of death,they buy lot and build up the mosque or musoleo to stand as memory.In memory of what?remembrance of money that received or for his name and family?
The building for the dead stands of nothing especially when relatives transfered from home town and never came back and died in other place.And the house of the dead where he buried will become the picture of horror in years after years gone by.So the memory of unkind dead hero will disappear and fear will replace in generations to come.
Even the buried in public cementery a time will come if no one will pay the land part of the dead buried,it be replaced by another and the memory happened the same…no more.But the banner name of the whole land occupied for business founder will be remained forever.So many already dead while hearts still beating.
l always remember the dead when Christ risen from the dead.Like him as Christian,the memory of the dead should not be faded from the name listed in heaven.And the memory that loved dead lives in us where ever we may be.
In memory of the dead based in what he have done…in life.

Precious Stone

God created paradise possessed by devil because of unfaithful love to god.Bethel shrine in the land of Israel of God burned and desolated with the same accusations of the Lord.And final was the Temple in the kingdom of king David where his throne stand with no mercy destructed all of the high priests and Pharisees killed.All stones foundation of the holy Temple dropped down.
So,in what of God could be admitted about true faith?Not in words of yes,not in fragrance burnt offerings.Faith known from Abraham and of this,he blessed Isaac and Jacob but the title precious stones not came from them.However prescious stone has been to Israel as Jacob precious stones name was given to the so called Twelve Tribes of Israel known his sons(book of Exodus).In accordance in what God plans,among the twelve he’s been chosen,one that to be endure forever to bear as “Precious Stone”.The one tribe from Israel alone.The seventh tribe also seventh church with word of “Amen”(book of revelation).And the only tribe that seek God in their hearts during captivation,grieves in the land of Assyria.Even they never knew about God,their hearts teaches about the God of their ancestors Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.Demon get fears and frightened covering eyes to hide in doom when they sees the shinning precious stone.
And Jacob is Israel(the rock),and the precious stone also the torch handles by mother religion of Christ enlightens the world of liberty.

Key of Heaven

A lot of religion and churches claims with these verses in Matthew 13-16-18 says,”On this rock,I will build my church and even death will not over come”.These words we knows are came from Jesus Christ and no one could beak these.
And here’s the certain insights on these.The words pertains to his first apostle Peter who’s Jesus Christ given the rights about key of heaven and no one able to enter without in Peter’s approval.But we noticed Peter not handling the key while he is at the two kingdom’s main posts and handling the book.The gate of heaven without door to open or to close.We have seen just an illustration of an artists make message to share for… but not seen in the Bible.
The key directly pertains to Peter himself that he about to judge.The book he handles is The Book of Life where the names of people written,registered and paptised in Christ where listed.The book means world record of Christianity not in eternity.Peter also a man leaves on earth like us.
Peter was first based in Phoenicia in Syria along Mediteraian sea during his Christian missions before he travel in Rome and permanently stayed upon his opening the Roman Christian Church.Church as community beliefs in one God in hearts not like abolished Temple or a hand made house.Whoever names written and recorded in the book of life could only enter heaven.Remember,census also was made before the birth of Jesus Christ to reveal his blood lines.
The records based on census from first blood (ancestors) to this generations,as the key to enter the kingdom of heaven…on earth.

The Freedom of Love

Olds of early Israel signed the “Conditional” testament of agreement with Blood between Israel’s children and God to abide or have to follow the commandments written on stone tablets and in books written of Mosses as commanded by God held at foot of Mount Sinai.And whoever will commit serious sins against written in the laws must die.And that was happened what stated in the Bible.What was written must occur.
Because of God’s love and compassion with his people,God humble with his commandments.That during the time of his servant King David, God again made the “Unconditional” law of agreement with his forth coming son’s kingdom and children because of King’s David kingdom will be uprooted (as announced and prophesied early)with mortal sins committed against them.And God made a divorce with ancient Israel about signed conditional marriage with his people.
But first it be happened,sins and stains must be cleaned first by means of redeemtion and Blood also to establish a new testament.
And it happened…unconditional love of agreement untied from heavy the laws…freedom that lasts forever.