Forest Paradise

Formerly paradise in creation by first opposite partner driven out from this place after committed mortal sins.
In certain of thought was not driven out from literal place,paradise said is a place here on earth.Driven out means cancellation from holiness after their minds stained by sins for the deliverance as mortal to live normal in the land captivated by sins.Man and descendants will in hardship of living until death.And the plan is to redeem by cleansing of death and be brought in other world of paradise.
Paradise commonly knew as a sign of giant river Eufrates and Hala and on the latter known as Assyria where these rivers located.After committing of sins men learned to wish a pedestal.Sky or outer space what in seeings they desired to reach in first reading about the Tower of Babil.But God not permitted because it was wrong and never be fulfilled.And God destructed as a sign warning.Then many times same has happened in this world.
In generations came and gone, people became intelligent in modern times as called,earth developed in great and beautiful eventually in kind of living.People all wishes in easy lives,joyful as modern paradise.
But yes,the forest expanded paradise and became crowded.All of these are the harvest in committing of sins.
As Bible declared,we have serpents and snakes,leopards.lions,tigers goat and sheeps and lot more.Can also be said,the forest of stones.But we knew on what stone that God built his church for his sheeps.

Anti – Christ 2

Jerusalem and the temple was destructed in 64 A.D.because that Anti- Christs still doing blood offerings at altar.Rituals by slaughtering of animals for cleansing of sin that never needed anymore.Jesus Christ performed outside about his crucifixion not in said holy place.Meaning a sign of rejection.
In our time others still practicing this but mostly they are doing in Holy or sacred places of dwellings.Holy places are light for the words and name of God,but as the hiding nest of the sons of doom.Some by accusing God on what happens to their lives and others are asking for petitions personally.
On these situations,where now their faithfulness on things that God answered and given?Hiding for what they are evil doings.God people deceits but holies can not.Can recognize them in their eyes that in fire connecting hell in their hearts of anger of reality.
Yes,many that are not permanently going in dwelling places but they knows whatever they do and wherever they go that God is with them light guiding them.In behalf of the sons of the devil, permanently in doom and always in danger.Anti- Christ are not doing as Christ commanded even in our times.The only two slight commandments or laws as yoke that makes heavy to them.

Money Root of Evil

Because of money, even the most sacred thing that God developed to form in peace many evils investing for personal purposes.
Nupial or marriage is the most instrument in today’s generations.Marriage is using to have profit in investing and to gain assets.The promise of vow devil mind and a liar heart is sacrifice on what the outcome of life destruction and soul included.
One of the two in happy marriage is an evil on what God had planned to ruin involving many making trouble in family joined circles.Miss understandings to produce angers.Friends and even neighbors are interrogatives.
In happy engagement until a couple where they bonded lot of witnesses especially in signing of contact as an affidavit be consolidated for the future what ever will be.And after a couple of years the devil from two will be recognized.One is covering and one showing in noise in good.And the wall wants in lying for will become a barrier between.
And a contract paper that both signed up sometimes there’s a single winner.Devided in two from the assets of one.
Planting of love with a root of evil to gain money to ruin them all.
Don’t make a fool in the image of rust love.Look then also a pure gold.Gold,yet not a money until it be furnished in fire.


Falling love in such,pushing everyone to gamble.Like the falling leftlet by the wind not knowing where be drifted.Sometimes cathed by good caring hands.There’ll be sometimes drifted by waters or in the river and have a long travel in the long run in port of good fortune.And sometimes fallen on wet land mixes with soil and be together like a mud.
Love is valuable and could not to be gambled.Give it to someone who capable to have it.But the certain usually we have to gamble of love.We are using such unsure words
to gamble,I like it,I want it at an end loses are very difficult to gain back again.
To flow,to travel with love,the destination is in part on what God is wanted to be with us in perfect.
Just think in every gamble that God is be with us and we will never be lose in a gamble.To lost God,all will losts of loses.


The wealth of man will comes from his precious heart that keep hidden as a gift of God sinced during his birth.It be the foundation in sharing,it becomes like the foundation of aboundace nature the mirror of wisdom to everyone.
It be to him as the most wealthy compare with others having the vault of good reputation in the book of investment written where his name recorded and will not be fade.
With a gold traesured heart is an endless bankable investments.It will be together with all precious metals and stones throwing,hitting to form others as an golden image of God.To delight at sights capturing the feelings with magnetic attraction where he will be.
He will not be audited for not be counted investments and not be judged.


Our compassion to the needy people performs with is for the name of God and not for our selves.Upon of doing these we don’t things so but the command of our hearts.But even how we good in this world,goodness is not our invesments to gain as payments in returns.
Usually happens that if have nothing and even how good we shows such people around or neighbors ignoring and treating us enemies and every movements we have done,words we have to speak in right all nothing to others they will not give us space or time to listen and minds for understanding.We are low of knowledge no such way to do.A none, that’s it.
But people they are treating like these,they not knowing the hidden tearures in their hearts they willing to share but around are no hearings and blinded instead giving them material things if have.And the truth displays… they have nothing and beggars of compassion.
The wisdom that has kept in hearts of God’s people are ways of humbles no one could see but the Lord and people has an image of God,
No one could pay but compassion of God that only his sons could have his blessings.

The Power of Wisdom

We could not treat or think that educated people are perfectly good.But obey them as our teachers,healers and defender as lawyers protecting us proving that we are innocent when there’s an evil accused us from sins we never done.Teachers helps us to become good abiding citizens because of knowledge but we need to sacrifice be able to pass using it for fighting facing struggles in lives.
As students,someday we became also teachers and teachers are also our students about their problems that they could not be solved.Problems sometimes that formed from our knowledge that we didn’t expected.And wisdom that we have forgot is our perfect teachers of whom students having it.By the power of love grabbed by minds that had people mistaken and could not sleep.
Power of knowledge that stored in mind will never be stolen and has payment when we should to study.But something that stored in hearts,no need to steal it offers in free but not be sometimes understood by educated.The power of wisdom that stored in heart teached in mind,is the perfect teacher in truth,defender and give us peace of minds.