Valley of Vission

We are in good sights, but we could not recognize plainly what behind the light that we had seen.The beautiful around in viewing yes,we feels joy and happiness of it.
But in behalf to a blind, the total darkness in his seeing which includes his difficulties in his present life.To the other side of doom, in-view by his clean soul he sees the true light that can’t be existed which is the”Glory of God”.In vission, blind could see what behind in his blindness.He sees a hope of eternal resting place which God’s gift.
Blind is in the valley of vission just he sorrounded the barrier of mountains in his situations.But in his vission,he had seen Jesus Christ in glory.He understand love of faith can move mountains.So,he knows there is a beautiful and white cleaned world waiting him.

The Seventh of Seven

Israel devided in seven parts(Joshua 18:11-Joshua19:40-47) Seventh was Dan tribe
Stone Signs(Revelation-21:19-20)
1) Joshua 18:11- Benjamin Jasper
2) Joshua 19:1- Simeon Sapphire
3) Joshua 19:10- Zebulon Chalcedony
4) Joshua 19:17- Issachar Emerald
5) Joshua 19:24- Asher Sardonyx
6) Joshua 19:32- Naphtali Carnelian
7) Joshua 19:40- Dan Crysolyte
Numbers 2:25- Dan will march last
Exodus 25:31- A gold lampstand and seven lamps
Revelation 1:20-The seven churches
Revelation 5:6- The seven horns,the seven eyes and the seven spirit
Revelations 6:1-12; Revelation 8:15-18-The seven seals
Revelation 15:1-6; Revelation 16:2-17-The seven bowls poured- “It is done”
Revelation 3:14-“Laodicea”-The seventh church with the word”Amen”.
Mathew 16:13-18-Jesus Christ arrived with his apostles in the place Czesarea Philippi.Jesus proclaimed “upon this rock I will build my church”.
Czesarea Philippi(Previous called Panias or Dan)and remaimed possession until the death of Jesus Christ in AD 33.
— Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-701
Czesarea Philippi-A town near the source of Jordan at the foot of mount Hermon.The northern most point of our Lord journeys.(Mathew 13:16).
–The Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-628.


Judah was fourth son of Jacob among his twelve sons.And this was his blessings from his father(Genesis 49:8-12):
Judah,your brothers will praise you.You hold your enemies by the neck.Your brothers will down before you.Judah is like a lion,killing his victim and returning to his den.Sreching out and lying down.No one dares disturb him.Judah will hold the royal scepter,And his descendants will always rule.Nations will bring him tribute,and in obeydience before him until the one arrives where it belong.He ties his young donkey to a grapevine.To the very best of the vines.He washes his clothes in blood-red wine.His eyes are bloodshot from drinking wine..His teeth whitening from drinking milk.
Dan was seventh sons of Jacob and this his blessings from his father:
Dan will be ruler of his people.They will like the other tribe of Israel.Dan will be the snake of the roadside.A poisonous snake beside the path.
And was the blessings of Mosses to Dan:
Dan is a young lion;he leaps out from Bashan.And shiloe holds his hands forever.
To Judah,he will be scepter means kingly government and his brothes will bow down him so Temple and Jerusalem in him.But only temporary until the one arrive where it belong.
And Dan, Shiloe will hold his hands forever.He will the ruler of his people as young lion.
Bashan means pasture land of sheeps.
Shiloe means heaven.
Mathew 22:43-45-Kingdom of heaven will be taken from Judah/Jerusalem.
Jhon 4:21-Days will come dwell not made in Jerusalem.

Israel 3

Jacob named Israel and the blessings goes to his beloved son “lost” Joseph.And one from Joseph’s two sons Ephraim the youngest,bears the name Israel.
But God has plans and knows what to be happened to his descendants:
Joshua 3:9-10-God gives orders to attack Canaan.
Judges 3:5-6 h Israelites take overed and lives Canaan.
Judges 19:49-Israelites takes their land each part in Canaan.
And the whole land bannered Israel.
Deuteronomy 31:15 -17;Deuteronomy 31:20-Israel rebellions to God predicted.
And,Deuteronomy 29:28-Israel will be uprooted from their land announced by God.
And it was occured in the book written of Ezeqiel and their kings.
Israel accounts in sinning was very heavy apart from the agreement that signed of blood by their ancestors.
1kings 13:1- Bethel the house of God rejected.
Psalm 78:67- House of Joseph rejected (north).
Psalm 78:68- God chose the house of Judah.But on the latter God found out Judah much more sinners than house of Joseph.
And the first destruction of Judah occured about 545 BC to the hands of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon in 70 years.But house of Joseph first captivated by king Shalmanezzer of Assyria in about 721 BC.
And house of Joseph called “lost” after 390 years after releasing out from Assyria..
“The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s children were among the ten tribes of North kingdom of Israel and thus among the “lost tribes”. Also one portion of Joseph descendants came to America and established two great peoples.It has been primarily Joseph’s descendants who were the Lord has called first in the latter days to carry the Gospel to the nations of the earth,with the compliance with the covenant of God made with ABRAHAM”.
-Bible dictionary Page 719
(KJV) paragraph -5
Ephraim was given the birthright in Israel (1chronicles-5:13)(Jeremiah-31:9) and the last days it has been the tribe of Ephraim’s privilege to bear the message of restoration of the Gospel to the world and to gathered scattered Israel (Deuteronomy+33:17)(KJV).
Eldest son-The birthright holder regardless if he,the firstborn or younger.His mostly blessed descendants today calls prime people on earth.Indectified them with crown and royal robes.(KJV).

Israel 2

In Israel1,stated Jacob changed his name by God to Israel the father of The Twelve Tribes and became nation “Israel”.Among the twelve there is one special to the sight of God and he is Joseph-the lost sheep,son of Jacob Israel.Joseph had sons born in Egypt named Manasseh the eldest and Ephraim the youngest.
Joseph had two sons when the whole family lives in Egypt.They named Manasseh the eldest and Ephraim the youngest.And when Jacob in old age and lost his sights,Joseph brought his two sons to Jacob and his father blesses the two boys.(Exodus 48) Joseph placed Manasseh infront of Jacob on right portion because he is the eldest and Ephraim on the left because he is the youngest supposed to be Manasseh is the one to receive the blessing because he is eldest.But Jacob crossed his hands and his right hand was put on top of the head of Ephraim the youngest and left was put on the head of Manasseh the eldest.So, Joseph reacted on what happened.But the blind Jacob said,”They both two will become have same powers but the youngest will be the greatest.So this was happened.
And Jacob blesses his twelve sons and to Joseph this was he said:
Genesis 49:24-26-“…By sheperd protector of Israel,It is your father’s God to help you “The Almighty God who blesses you.With blessing of the rain from above,And the deep waters from beneath the ground, blessings of many cattles and children, blessings of grain and flowers, blessings of ancient mountains, delightful things from everlasting hills.
May these blessings rest on head of Joseph.On the brow one set apart from his brothers”.And Joseph died in the land of Egypt but he requested to bring his bones to the land where they will possess (Genesis 50:22-26).
When Israel released from bondage in Egypt,before they go Mosses bring Joseph bones and buried to the land of Ephraim he possessed in Israel when they conquered.And also Jacob buried in this land(Genesis 47:27-31).Jesus Christ stayed in this place during his time and seated on the well of Jacob but the place already called Samaria in that time (Jhon 11:54).

Israel 1

Untill today many or no one knows about Israel and can that he or she is Israelite.Even in geographic map we could not found a place named Israel.The stories in the book of Kings1 and 2 in old testament are pivotal and mysterious since the northern kingdoms was conquered by Assyrians during the reign by their king Hosea.Only known that tribes of Naphtali, Zebulon and Dan was taken to Assyria by king Shalmanezzer.Reuben along west of Jordan river,Ephraim and the two big provinces of Manasseh a half was left.Aser,Gad not mentioned was taken.Declared Israel was taken but not each tribe they put to scatter in different places in Assyria especially in big river Euphrates (Halah,Habor).On the latter Israel named Samaria (2kings17:5-6).
Many times declared in the Bible by God that Israel bears his name (Jeremiah 31) especially his son Ephraim.Bears name by powers and the laws of God in the world or through universe.
Southern kingdoms are Judah, Simeon and Benjamin.Judah conquered during the reign by their king Zedequia and taken to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar.Judah was under captivity of Babylon and released back in Judah/Jerusalem after seventy years.Simeon and Benjamin not mentioned that they were taken.
We focus now about Ephraim in the north called by God his son.
In book of Exodus,Ephraim is younger brother of Manasseh born in Egypt for Joseph the most beloved son of Jacob among his twelve sons.Joseph became “lost” in the sight and mind of Jacob when Joseph sold by his brothers to stranger Egyptian when they were sheperds tending sheeps of their father Jacob in wilderness of Ephrata(Bethlehem).And Joseph brought in Egypt because of jealous, they’ve it done against to the beloved of their father.Jacob almost to die in lament because of Joseph that his brothers kept to Jacob on what they did.Brothers only shown to Jacob the teared and blooded robe of Joseph to prove that he killed by wild animal.The lovely “robe” was given by Jacob to Joseph.Joseph became governor in Egypt.
Robe means the advance information about “Royalty”.

Losts found

Genesis 37:3-10-God named Jacob Israel
Genesis28:10-21-Jacob sees the gate of heaven in Bethel in Luz-on the latter called Israel bears in Jacob name after they conquered the place Canaan.
Genesis 35:22-25-The sons of Jacob as “The Twelve Tribes of Israel”.
Joshua16:1-4-The land inherited to the house of Joseph located on North when the whole land Israel devided into two parts.South belongs to Judah(Judeah in time of Christ where the throne of King David and Temple stands and the city is Jerusalem).
The North Kingdom committed mortal sins according to law of Mosses that brought them to course by God.They first conquered than Judah. The North Kingdom Israel brought to Assyria and they put along Euphrates river.After 390 years they forgotten and never knew where they came from.Then they called “losts” upon scatters.As their last weapon for the laments,Israel called to God (Psalms80:1-3; Psalms 102:4-11).And God heard Israel groaning (Jeremiah31:18-19).God answered the calling of people Israel (Hosea 1:10; Hosea (2:23). Then God announced that he will send fishermen (Jeremiah 16:16).And it fulfilled in Bethsaida river of(Jesus got his apostles here) Galilee in the land of Nazareth as per prophecy of Isiah in 700 BC. but name of place has changed in time of Jesus.Jesus comes to find his lost Sheeps(Mathew 10:15-16).
“Losts” found during the journey of Jesus and his deciples in the North land Syria a town of Czesarea Philippi(Mathew 13:16) in Mount Hermon where Jesus his sermons and transfigurations was held.In this place the unknown Israelites scattered because Assyria and Syria are nearby provinces.The book of Isiah declares God has changed their names.Not all but according in tribes.In journey sheeps of Jesus had met him personally especially during sermons in the MT.they was heard him.
These are Bible’s proclaimed :
John 8:47-Sons of God hears to what Jesus Christ says.
Jhon 10 27:27-Sheeps of Christ listen to him.
John 10:14-Jesus know his Sheeps.
John 6:44- God the Father gives authority to the people who approach Jesus Christ.
Jhon 10:27-30-Jesus Christ sheeps know him.
Jhon 8:51-Those who believes in Christ will not die.
Bethel-Formerly called Luz(Genesis 28:19)The he border of Ephraim and Benjamin,and one of the most sacred spots in Israel.Here Abraham built his altar in his arrival in Canaan(Genesis 12:8-13).Here Jacob had his dream,and set up a pillar.It was the sanctuary in the days of Samuel.Jeroboam selected it as one of the places in which to set up the alf workshop.
Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-620.