Light and the Dark

God wanted that the world made beatiful in his eyes that filled with darkness and ugly.So,he said,”Let there’ll be light”.So it was done.There be  light divided from the dark,but darkness still exists.

In the beginning explained that dark and light we’re enemies till then until darkness  will in favor light.Blinds always in stumble because they could not see the light,

Many chose the dark in hiding using with dark’s promisses for light seeng by blided minds,then also the dark hiding using light as instruments.As then,with the divination of light and the dark,also  minds and hearts of people divided in two.

Many has said,may was God created world in total light .But God has his own ways,by which to choose he or the divil whom betrayed his plans.


Road to Heaven

Most of us teaches by our parents to fear with God not make naughty away from troubles respect to olds and all of good mannerisms.And they said,by following their sermons we are on the way road to heaven.

Jesus Christ told parables to his apostles by not giving interpretations “when you in young,you could go anywhere you like and in your olds,you will  be brought to a place you do not want”, “narrow road to beaven”.But these two sentences are considered similar in meanings.

During our childhood in fears with our parents we have to follow their teachings.We go to places we have only  in places to us peace that wanted.But things we have to avoid nearing to us for getting in troubles.But those in our young and days just past even what experienced made wound our hearts pained we want to forget.

And in our old ages forgetting the past,remains in goodness, there’s such things same happened and sometimes much worst.As a human then also sometimes we have forgot and we did things wrong  diverted our road to hell.

By dragging into jail that never wanted,in shouts that we not committed sins,no one could hear us.Even by crossing road to heaven and now thinking in the road to hell, God still listening to us.That’s all we know always.

And the jail of sometimes many sinners in there are searchings the road to heaven.Yes changes,and feels we are responsible to do that heading them.Lifting hands all together by praising to God…all could see specially our selves that the road to heaven for all of us.








“arrow road to heaven”

The Temple of God

As said,a house is not a home.House as shelter and a home is filled of and every corner we could see there is the image of God cocomplety  love.

In the book of 2Samuel chapter 7 as god spoke to King David,”The Lord decares to you that the Lord himself will establish a house for you.When your days are over and you rest with your fathers,I will raise up your offspring to succeed you,who will come from your own body,and I will establish his kingdom.He is the one who will build a house for myself Name,and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.I will be his father,and he will be his father”. And everyone knows that the had said built by King David during his time called Temple.But rather than the house he built he could never built his palace but he just a throne.

After about a seven hundred years in the gospel of Luke,when Jesus Christ came,and he was in the temple,by driving out those who were selling he said,you’ve made the house of my my father as a den of robbers.As written,”My house will be a house of prayers”So exactly the hand made temple was not a house of God but a house built by King David with his throne.

Also declared by the Bible sinced a person who baptized and confirmed by holy spirit,a temple of God is with him under who were baptized him in Christ the son of God, here is in his kingdom called Christendom.

Heaven and Hell

As written,God went down upon the earth built his. Kingdom of love immediately Satan interrupted by creating his own place at the center getting attention to destruct God’s in good plan with jealous,hate and angers.

Man created by hands in the latter God’s son came to us and born by love in flesh to bring above all in peace and put heaven in every heart by the name of heaven.In fact,Satan not in favored to this wanting, in forcing he tried to enter into hearts by angers wanting men to put in troubles.

People in God’s spirit are going to chruch able to have in peace and near God but admitting it or not mostly entering in swelling place just because of emptiness of needs to ask petition about problems but in certain we are the one made these for better that turned in bitterness and fears.Petitions we asked for and problems  ended unsolved,we turned in much angers in God and poured these around with no fears anymore by hitting God’s people.

In good purpose when we are in church together with othres,we says, God is with us but the truth in this even we are not in church or when ever will be must God is with us for security.Heaven and hell same exploring in the world, in hearts heaven in good to wisdom,hell is with anger to troubles.

God is always be with us

How we should know and feel about God.Some says  the presence of God is with them because they are beloved.They says,God always  listens with them that’s why because of prosperity and abundance they have in life.We also witnessed how people arround respects them especially to those with their same levels and have in loud voices in sayings,”God is always with us” especially in crowd even in chrurch.

In the matter of fact never,they using and mistreating the poors that are truly God’s people in their acts of misleading them from clean path to stoney and thorny way goes to a forest of doom where their evils home really are.

But many of these people low in sight treatens like this,with their minds and hearts  says.”God is with us” because he will not lose our ways and we never be losts.God will not show or to give us beautiful and expensive things make his people in abundance.In these ways  we not bear in minds to feel he is with us.

Yes,the truth we had seen with those people have money and powers are not really that God is with them by making devil course to darkness.Even they could not feel us with heavy things lifting hands to God able to reach heaven.

The words,”God always be with us” could feel because he never be abandoned us.

A Man from Nazareth

There was written in old testament by Isiah in part of Zebullon and Naphtali along the river of Galilee.These old provinces in northern Judea became named Nazareth where our Lord Jesus Christ lived.A person who lives in Nazareth called Nazarene.

Zebulon and Naphtali were the prime captives of  Assyrians during their times amongst the ten tribes (losts) by not abiding the laws of Mosses sins that never be atoned for(in slaughtering of animals for offering).In time of Jesus in his mission,he journeyed back from his land Nazareth down Judeah and entered Jerusalem were he also accused by not abiding the law of the law where he claims as the son of God  hiding to say he is the head priest of Israel.And the truth not accepted by the priests of the temple.

The northern kingdom by provinces called Gentiles means out law of the temple.In goodness to us by God and compassion,to understand Jesus sent to reveal these things.To pardoned us and by breaking these laws untieting forever.A man from Nazareth again journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha carrying his cross for persecution until he die.

Christians have a human size of image in a point he carries his cross during his passion called black Nazarene.The Nazarene of cross were buned but not totally burnt.And what about to show us with regard of this miracle? Maybe or surely God never wanted the greatest thing to fade away in our hearts.It must to us in refreshing on what God done for us.

A man of Nazareth continues in jouney carrying our sins before his followers.And those believes in him their petitions will be granted,

Religion of Truth

Many says that no religion has proven true and honest religion that can save people.But here we could determine if there is or none according to the history.

In time of Mosses with early Israelites in the book of Leviticus,olds of Israel signed up with blood of agreement by observing or to follow the laws.And they requires to offer sacrifices by means of slaughtering their own animals with no blemishes either goat, sheeps or bulls…blemishes not be accepted.Each tribe are must to do it every year as cleansing of their sins because the dense cloud of God appears with them.By consecration of temple priests,no one be allowed from community to enter  the temple they only to endorse the blood of slaughtered animals by putting in the basin handles by the priest in temple entrance.It be done in sacred altar behind the curtain and blood be poured on the ten commandments box and the priest will sprinkle the left overt blood in finger to the community.Sins be never confirm cleansed if the blood will wash down from the box upon pouring of water.And every year must be done as commanded.

And the house of Joseph failed to do this their allotted lands are so far away from the temple seventy two hours they must to travel and they have so many families (also  we have noticed when boy Jesus finding him by his mother before he found in the temple of Jerusalem) north provinces of Israel down to the province of Judea.And it accounted for the sins of Israel and their relationship including the old agreement with God has broken.

Jesus Christ came for the recovery of these.He redeemed by his own body and blood not by animals but once and never be repeated.When Jesus said,”finished” upon dying wth storm and earthquake the lightning hits the curtain covering the temple altar  torned down means the old rituals has finished and to renew a new agreement.

And finally,Jesus Christ rose up into heaven in wounded body by offering to the most high sacred altar of the father with our behalves and not in the altar of the temple.And temple/Jerusalem destructed in 64 A.D. to abolish.