The Coming of Son of Man 1

Only Adam God’s mentioned he created Man from his image.Adam son’s,Abel killed by his brother Cain and Cain driven to wilderness.Cain never mentioned in the Bible after.Adam at the age of nine hundred years he had a son named Enoch and Enoch became the father of Noah.Betore the flood Noah had three sons named Ham,Shem,Ham and Japhet.And the world made new after the flood.In passing of generations another named Shem came and in this line,Abraham out and called by God the Man of faith,his faithful servant and the father of all nations.And the came his son Isaac and son Jacob and son s called “The Twelve Tribes of Israel”.Abraham prophesied by God that his descendants will become many as stars and sands on the seashore.
The twelve tribes had a devinations each of them has purpose of alignment and mission.All are sons of Abraham in flesh but the selection of God is different on situation spiritual and much deeper.As been said,those who are in low will put on top,and be worshipped because God’s name will put on his head.He will the mirror of God’s wisdom.
In sense,not anymore in single Man but in tribe,single but in plural.Plural as became multitude as many as stars and as prophesied that everyones looking up by his power and wisdom.Son of Man base on spiritual faith to creator not in flesh.Faithful to God like father Abraham.
Matthew 22:41-45 – While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them,”What do you think about the Christ? Who’s son is he?”
The son of David,they replied.
He said to them,”How is it then that David speaking by the spirit calls hi Lord?For he says”,
“The Lord said to my Lord,sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet”?.
“If David calls him Lord,how can be his son”?.No one could say a word in reply…
Jesus spoke was about,Son in Spirit of faith not in flesh.


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