Falling love in such,pushing everyone to gamble.Like the falling leftlet by the wind not knowing where be drifted.Sometimes cathed by good caring hands.There’ll be sometimes drifted by waters or in the river and have a long travel in the long run in port of good fortune.And sometimes fallen on wet land mixes with soil and be together like a mud.
Love is valuable and could not to be gambled.Give it to someone who capable to have it.But the certain usually we have to gamble of love.We are using such unsure words
to gamble,I like it,I want it at an end loses are very difficult to gain back again.
To flow,to travel with love,the destination is in part on what God is wanted to be with us in perfect.
Just think in every gamble that God is be with us and we will never be lose in a gamble.To lost God,all will losts of loses.


Winter Shade of Summer

Graduates crowd marching with the band,
School’s golden days will should be gone
Young ones excite the fun they have planed
Spending summer time under the heat of a sun.

Dawn ’til sunset looks shade of the night,
Sun doesn’t shines ’cause I can’t see light
And I can’t see stars that shinning brights
It’s cold summer because your out of my sights.

You’re memories are here,but you are there,
Our hearts are together, but you’re not near
My eyes are full shades of April showers
Inside me, like a winter shade of summer.

First things goodbye means lost of every thing,
You wouldn’t know how to gain all again
After all, farewell is not meant of forever
You will with me again, when summer is over.


Melody,a song with heavenly symphony,
An anthem that my soul pledge so dearly
Your notes like a fire burning my body
Deeply in my heart,I adore you secretly.

You’re always with me in my bed time,
Humming your tune in a great refrain
Beating your rythm like a pouring rain
Melody’s created in classical trend.

Shines of hope give strength to my fingers,
Your key’s flame runs through my guitar strings
Heat of every lines spread to all my veins
Your messages is a sun enlightened my brain.

In the night during my deepest sleep,
You’re a cindirella appeared on my stairs
Prince and princess floating on the air
You and I dancing with your enchanted music.

Melody,I’m deeply in love with you,
Wishing in my dream that you will do
I’m always think of you wherever I go
Slave to a vision that never be true.

May-December Affair

We’ve met each other with troubles and pain,
I’ve let your teardrops filled on my shoulder
While my snow melted drifting by your rain
You,May blooming flower and I dust of December.

How could our seasons will join together?,
May for planting harvest time is December
You are sweeter but my fruit taste bitter
‘Cause we are a May-December love affair.

Summer had past then to wait you in Winter,
We’ll just meet and embrace in August rain
Hoping that rainbow will be with us again
That may our love affair should last forever.

But our love against by this judging earth,
We just hold and breath and hide in the grave
And when our spirits will rise from the dead
Then we will be the lovers of the universe.

You are my Beloved

You’re in my side to encourage out in hard situations,
People witnessed when church pronunced us bride and groom
Vowed giving you my life,one love and lasting soul
Would be your very own,’cause you’re one in a million.

You like a child cries in worries and insecurities,
You are my pretty doll when laugh of my foolishness
You are god’s living image sent to me this earth
Guiding our kids to form as honorable children.

With soft heart and understandings ready to forgive,
For the beauty and righteousness you are there to lead
My faithful servant always willing to serve all my needs
A tender loving assistant without asking any granted.

The torch is in your hands to light rules in our home,
With fighting strength able to protect our relations
You are flame of love is a sacred and my devotion
You the woman I’m in love to be proud in millions.

You’ll be there waits me to accept my emptiness,
Teacher of my mistakes,an eye of my soroundings
You are precious asset,a queen of my everything
And you are my beloved from the start to the end.

Sun Standing Still

Drums are together with noise beats,
Followed by sad sound of the trumpets
Three blasts of guns pointing to the west
Message to honor a person for rest in peace.

All standing in the middle of day heat,
Looking up the flag swaying of greatness
Remembering heroes book of open stories
And to remember words that he said:
“Sons,my words is a sun that’s sanding,
Love your duty not to gain what you needs
Don’t think war instead love your enemies
Obey your commands and obey their country
Bow the banner with honors sun never dim”.

Even now he is in underground where lays,
To everyone,his shadow is a sun standing still.

Winter To Spring Time

Lovers beneath the tree talking viewing the rice fields while people are replanting for the present rainy seasons.
Man said,”I’m very sorry I’ve missed by contacting you sinced I’m gone to comply my duties in other land.They not allowed us as new comers to any phones or gadgets.When I’m gone,we began lovers in winter and year had passed,now I’m home in spring time”.
And girl replied,”you sowed seeds and it grows but autumn and summer came and the leaves falled down and was almost to die.But the roots still alive.And now again spring time,no need to sow or to plant again.Need only a shower from farmer to nourish and able to bloom again”.Because the farmer is already here that failed to care on what he planted”.
And the heart of man jump in gladness for what he heard.Then they are together and again sharing rain showers.