The message of a Star

“Your descendants will be became like many as of the stars”.This was the message of God to Abraham.Star,brilliant,shining,looked and hope of the night.
In old time,considered dark ages the grieves of our fathers.After those hardships and difficulties,and God saved them from the hands of their enemies,the prophets announced the message of God to people”Shine,shine to the children of Jacob”.
During the birth of Jesus Christ the whole land became bright because of the giant star appeared in the sky and found out was came from the holy family that from the lines of Jacob as said the lowest family amongst the twelve tribes.
The history proven and thought of today,Jesus Christ is super star and Christianity are the stars.Bible is spectacular in records about ages.
The message of a star that appeared during the birth of our savior at midnight,reminds for the shinning of Christians in the new day from the darked past.
Meaning even at night time of our situations,the super star always guiding us.
And the shinning city where considers holy people,in his time as morning stars will kneel before him.


The Freedom of Love

Olds of early Israel signed the “Conditional” testament of agreement with Blood between Israel’s children and God to abide or have to follow the commandments written on stone tablets and in books written of Mosses as commanded by God held at foot of Mount Sinai.And whoever will commit serious sins against written in the laws must die.And that was happened what stated in the Bible.What was written must occur.
Because of God’s love and compassion with his people,God humble with his commandments.That during the time of his servant King David, God again made the “Unconditional” law of agreement with his forth coming son’s kingdom and children because of King’s David kingdom will be uprooted (as announced and prophesied early)with mortal sins committed against them.And God made a divorce with ancient Israel about signed conditional marriage with his people.
But first it be happened,sins and stains must be cleaned first by means of redeemtion and Blood also to establish a new testament.
And it happened…unconditional love of agreement untied from heavy the laws…freedom that lasts forever.

The Sheperd and the Sheeps

Commonly we using Sheperd and Sheeps about these words from the Bible.In old testament a lot of verses used these pertains God as Sheperd and Sheeps for Israel.The sentence says”Israel is my sheep and I am their sheperd their God.I will put them in pastureland where to keep them safely”.And Israel is my “Rock”.
To review,Jacob lived in formerly Hebron and his twelve son’s known the twelve tribes of Israel born here as sheperds tending the Sheeps .Hebron where was this generation lives there called Hebrews and on latter called Bethlehem where also Jesus born and sheperds was witnessed this.
In this point Hebron/Bethlehem was the pastureland where sheperds and Sheeps came from.Jesus lived in Nazareth where old Israelites or place Israel declared when the twelve tribes forced taken from Canaanites (Canaan). Jesus as sheperd found his lost Sheeps upon scatters upon this rock (north Israel).We can witness this in viewing the geographic maps during Palestine time and time of Jesus Christ.Was Dan (the seventh tribe) in old Palestine and became Zceasarea Philippi during Palestine in time of Christ.
Then when Peter responsible for the key given by God,he migrated as commanded in Rome and open the door of heaven.And this heaven’s yard became pastureland of Christ’s Sheeps.Jesus Christ himself is the sheperd.
And true Sheeps are in safe,away from violence.
Or Roman Christian Church is the key going to heaven where the father and son sits.

Saints or Sinners

Lucifer was the most beloved among angels of God.He became the right hand and trusted.But Lucifer as good became rebel to great  plans of God.Lucifer never wanted about the slow ways structural he wanted speedy and most his will world’s be become fruitful human multitudes and joyful to see.And he made successful in his plans according in him was right.
In same matters  human wishes with these are minding good to them,afraid with God’s statues but the rebellion against right and good remains what doing crooked overcoming the laws is to become great in first instance.Difficulties in lives usually man thinks is bad but in the name of God everyones knows right.Knowing and to  depend in prayer thinking God will hear with petitions to use it in right.In the days to come it diverted using God’s blessings oppressing people behind them.In selves it’s good use it in good because God is with us and we are pleasant in God’s eyes.
Forgotten that the goat and sheep almost in same appearance but knowing by other’s eyes and feelings both are in different ways of doing and in manners and judged according what hidden in their hearts.And at an end the selection of judgment occurred.Then happened the harden of problems arosed against them and back to God asking in help to problems they just done.
By accusing God what good they have done to people but why much many are against them and treating their lives.People who claims that they are near to God are those opressives.They never knew that they are evils until their time has come.In their difficult situations,they will get angry in such people that certain doing right in the name of God and envy in abundance on what they wanted to have.And angers gnashing of teeth against God will happens because showing of their deep prayers that never heard.Sinners wanting to judged as saints.

Ah,hardly to recognize who are saints or sinners.

Study of Creation

Some says,sceintists don’t believe God or there is God as creator of universe.Beacause of their studies about science in outer space earth included they believes there knowledge overcoming wisdom.Yes,knowledge person has learned in acts of education but never be said as wisdom.They can not reach in a point of success without wisdom together with.
Wisdom is spiritual knowledge that no one can teach to another person able can learn about it.Persons having wisdom is spiritual born,god’s special children.They never to be compared in such persons that usually admires of many.And when they died,they not actually dead in memories of the living and wisdom will exists transfering to their blood lines so and on.Death will not overcome.And their mirrors never be faded and bkoken pictures will not disappear.Like saints have statues with feasts of special occasions and mass making procession with their images to reveal refreshing about their goodness.
Sceintists made known of their learnings and able their children to have they will also to study about written books.Sceintists studied God’s creation and they also included in the words of creation.No need to study about holy spirit.
To study about creation read and paste in heart of God’s written words.

Where’s now the Paradise?

Paradise explained in the Bible upon creation no other signs but the nature’s mark,Euphrates and Havila rivers.And when Adam and Eve sinned they driven out from paradise after eating both of them the apple that prohibited to them.
But as Bible later after so long years,Israelites captivated and brought in Assyria scattering in the same place of Gosen at same rivers.They out after three hundred and ninety years and spreads in Syria north eastern by next province.Why they was brought back in the place of creation.And why God did not let them back to their home land Israel after their released from Assyria?.Just because they are again ate the prohibited foods which written in the law.Not anymore spoken words but in letters which Bible wasn’t declared that ancient Israelites teached in readings.Very difficult trials if not using heart as loyal with God.
When old Israelites migrates leaving Syria follows the to Peter that opened Rome,still the adulterous sin is with them.Probably word adultery is betraying God or his children.
So even where the paradise placed in,still the apple of sinning follows.If when the apple trees stand with abundant fruits were there the glorious paradise in eyes sparkling.beautiful,and most rich in the land.And even we are the chosen children of the Lord,the adulterous wrongs still with us.
EU-abbreviation of Euphrates
ROPE-symble of slavery.