Heaven and Hell

As written,God went down upon the earth built his. Kingdom of love immediately Satan interrupted by creating his own place at the center getting attention to destruct God’s in good plan with jealous,hate and angers.

Man created by hands in the latter God’s son came to us and born by love in flesh to bring above all in peace and put heaven in every heart by the name of heaven.In fact,Satan not in favored to this wanting, in forcing he tried to enter into hearts by angers wanting men to put in troubles.

People in God’s spirit are going to chruch able to have in peace and near God but admitting it or not mostly entering in swelling place just because of emptiness of needs to ask petition about problems but in certain we are the one made these for better that turned in bitterness and fears.Petitions we asked for and problems  ended unsolved,we turned in much angers in God and poured these around with no fears anymore by hitting God’s people.

In good purpose when we are in church together with othres,we says, God is with us but the truth in this even we are not in church or when ever will be must God is with us for security.Heaven and hell same exploring in the world, in hearts heaven in good to wisdom,hell is with anger to troubles.


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