Money Root of Evil

Because of money, even the most sacred thing that God developed to form in peace many evils investing for personal purposes.
Nupial or marriage is the most instrument in today’s generations.Marriage is using to have profit in investing and to gain assets.The promise of vow devil mind and a liar heart is sacrifice on what the outcome of life destruction and soul included.
One of the two in happy marriage is an evil on what God had planned to ruin involving many making trouble in family joined circles.Miss understandings to produce angers.Friends and even neighbors are interrogatives.
In happy engagement until a couple where they bonded lot of witnesses especially in signing of contact as an affidavit be consolidated for the future what ever will be.And after a couple of years the devil from two will be recognized.One is covering and one showing in noise in good.And the wall wants in lying for will become a barrier between.
And a contract paper that both signed up sometimes there’s a single winner.Devided in two from the assets of one.
Planting of love with a root of evil to gain money to ruin them all.
Don’t make a fool in the image of rust love.Look then also a pure gold.Gold,yet not a money until it be furnished in fire.


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