Falling love in such,pushing everyone to gamble.Like the falling leftlet by the wind not knowing where be drifted.Sometimes cathed by good caring hands.There’ll be sometimes drifted by waters or in the river and have a long travel in the long run in port of good fortune.And sometimes fallen on wet land mixes with soil and be together like a mud.
Love is valuable and could not to be gambled.Give it to someone who capable to have it.But the certain usually we have to gamble of love.We are using such unsure words
to gamble,I like it,I want it at an end loses are very difficult to gain back again.
To flow,to travel with love,the destination is in part on what God is wanted to be with us in perfect.
Just think in every gamble that God is be with us and we will never be lose in a gamble.To lost God,all will losts of loses.


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