Our compassion to the needy people performs with is for the name of God and not for our selves.Upon of doing these we don’t things so but the command of our hearts.But even how we good in this world,goodness is not our invesments to gain as payments in returns.
Usually happens that if have nothing and even how good we shows such people around or neighbors ignoring and treating us enemies and every movements we have done,words we have to speak in right all nothing to others they will not give us space or time to listen and minds for understanding.We are low of knowledge no such way to do.A none, that’s it.
But people they are treating like these,they not knowing the hidden tearures in their hearts they willing to share but around are no hearings and blinded instead giving them material things if have.And the truth displays… they have nothing and beggars of compassion.
The wisdom that has kept in hearts of God’s people are ways of humbles no one could see but the Lord and people has an image of God,
No one could pay but compassion of God that only his sons could have his blessings.


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