The Power of Wisdom

We could not treat or think that educated people are perfectly good.But obey them as our teachers,healers and defender as lawyers protecting us proving that we are innocent when there’s an evil accused us from sins we never done.Teachers helps us to become good abiding citizens because of knowledge but we need to sacrifice be able to pass using it for fighting facing struggles in lives.
As students,someday we became also teachers and teachers are also our students about their problems that they could not be solved.Problems sometimes that formed from our knowledge that we didn’t expected.And wisdom that we have forgot is our perfect teachers of whom students having it.By the power of love grabbed by minds that had people mistaken and could not sleep.
Power of knowledge that stored in mind will never be stolen and has payment when we should to study.But something that stored in hearts,no need to steal it offers in free but not be sometimes understood by educated.The power of wisdom that stored in heart teached in mind,is the perfect teacher in truth,defender and give us peace of minds.


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