The Coming of Son of Man – Awful Horror 2

Some are also asking with these prediction when they heard about this : Matthew 29 – For as lighting has comes from from East visible even in the west,so will be the coming of Son of Man.Wherever there is carcass,there the volture will gather.
Immediately,after the distress of those days :
“The sun will be darkened,and not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky,and the heveanly bodies will be shaken”.
To interpret these sayings, Jerusalem will be cutoff and have severe destructions,terribly trouble and shakes.meaning the whole land occurring of doom,powers will also abolish no people in Judeah will left and become the ghost City.Will be darkened…
It’s be repeteadly but final as Ezequiel had said during the first destruction of Jerusalem :
Ezequiel 21:8-12 – Son of Man, prophesy and say,”This is what the Lord says:
“The sword,a sword, sharpened and polished – sharpened for the slaughter, polished to flash like a lightning!”
“Shall we rejoice in the scepter of my son Judah.The sword despises every such stick.”
“The sword is appointed to be polished ,made ready to the hand of the slayer”.
No need to worry about these things that all over.
The some remnant of Judeah people from the mountains fled bound Northwest and build other nation.


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