Judgment 3

Both two kingdoms conquered by their enemies for another trials.Israel Ephraim the house of Joseph in the north because of disobeying written laws and disobedience of dwelling in Jerusalem Temple they brought in Assyria.And south Judah/Jerusalem taken in Babylon in different account of sins.
The Bible teaches on this situations,the northern kingdom even of their severe laments not knowing about God,they groaned to the God of their ancestors Abraham,Isaac and Jacob not taught by their minds but written by their blood in their hearts by forefathers blood.Southern kingdom have found their God and heaven in the hands of king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.It’s very clear certain Revelations and touched everybody’s heart.By looking above and we say,”oh, my God”.
And when Jesus Christ came he landed in northern kingdom was placed of Ephraim (Samaria),lived in Nazareth beyond river of Galilee and where he there built his twelve fishers of men to find the scatters lost sheep of Israel.
Jesus and his apostles found them in next northern province of Israel called Syria where the town of Roman colony located,Zcesarea Philippi.Here also stands Mount Hermon he transfigurated,and Jesus held his Beatitudes or sermons in front of Romans and they was interested of listening because written in their hearts and not on stone tablets.Here he announced about great tribulations of Judah/Jerusalem to occur (64 AD),his death of salvation for his people.
Peter asked Jesus,”when it be to happened about the coming of son of man”?). Because could be the coming of son will make the great tribulation.
And Jesus Christ added about final judgment,the separations of sheeps and goats,sheep will put to right and to inherit the kingdom of heaven while goats in the left and to be thrown in the lake of fire… forever.
Everybody said that Jesus Christ came was to reveal about the journeys of our ancestors Abraham,Isaac and Jacob and Insight or bases are what written by prophets.
On what written here and further to inform not from site’s author thoughts.

Betitudes – Name given to certain declaration of blessedness in Sermon of the Mount.They described certain elements go to form the refined and spiritual character and all of which will be present whenever that character exists on it’s perfection.
– Bible dictionary (KJV) page – 620


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