Spiritual Faith

Our ancestors failed in trials for the laws written on stone tablets by God’s finger and instructed to Mosses was announced to ancient Israelites community.Wasn’t declared in the Bible that they thaught how to read and write.Old Israelites failed about faith that needs to read their heart.
Then Jesus Christ came and baptized also as an example that we too needs to follow and to receive the coming of the Holy Spirit for having wisdom.But he never taught about scriptures or to the laws written besides he confronted the master of the law with these regards.
So we could not consider having an education or to say a master are enoughed as total knowledge.All are nothing if we missed wisdom that God offered for us.Many with have multiple diplomas but in doom and crossed against the right way because they never seen the light of destinations for not having Spiritual faith.No one can see about Holly Spirit that teaches in right,in missing this we could just say always…to see is to believe.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Faith

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