On this Rock….

In Matthew 16:13-19,when Jesus and his desciples arrived in Caesarea Philippi the Roman colony( on top or northern point of Israel)Jesus Christ said,”on this rock I will build my church and even death will not over come”.Peter his desciple presented by Jesus is “Rock” Peter residing in Bethsaida along Galilee river in the land Israel previously a portion of Naphtali neighboring of Zebulon.Rock mentioned in the Bible lot of times as the Symbol of Israel and treasure possessions of God.Jesus also said that if he will be destroyed he rebuild again in three days.He symbolized himself a Temple.
Jesus Christ nailed and died on the cross without complaining or saved himself.The facts showed that true he rose from the dead in three days.We the Christan people baptized and confirmed by the Holy Spirit holding this as our treasure and believes hundred percent that our religion can save us.Rock means a strong foundation and never be destroyed.


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