Where’s now the Paradise?

Paradise explained in the Bible upon creation no other signs but the nature’s mark,Euphrates and Havila rivers.And when Adam and Eve sinned they driven out from paradise after eating both of them the apple that prohibited to them.
But as Bible later after so long years,Israelites captivated and brought in Assyria scattering in the same place of Gosen at same rivers.They out after three hundred and ninety years and spreads in Syria north eastern by next province.Why they was brought back in the place of creation.And why God did not let them back to their home land Israel after their released from Assyria?.Just because they are again ate the prohibited foods which written in the law.Not anymore spoken words but in letters which Bible wasn’t declared that ancient Israelites teached in readings.Very difficult trials if not using heart as loyal with God.
When old Israelites migrates leaving Syria follows the to Peter that opened Rome,still the adulterous sin is with them.Probably word adultery is betraying God or his children.
So even where the paradise placed in,still the apple of sinning follows.If when the apple trees stand with abundant fruits were there the glorious paradise in eyes sparkling.beautiful,and most rich in the land.And even we are the chosen children of the Lord,the adulterous wrongs still with us.
EU-abbreviation of Euphrates
ROPE-symble of slavery.


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