Judgment 1

Firstly the northern kingdom Israel was conquered and brought in Assyria in two groups because they are so many by the king Shalmanezzer in 721 B.Cheaded by Ephraim/Samaria).God rejected the huse of Joseph (Psalm 78:67).And Bethel
the dwelling sacred place of God located in their land destroyed and rejected (1Kings 13:1-5) .God used Assyria to wip and discipline Israel (Isiah 10:5-6).Mortal sins of Israel’s king Hosea during his reign accountable in the eyes of God.They was thrown in the river of Euphrates and Havila upon scatters.
Secondly is Judah/Jerusalem in 586 B.C. attacked by Nabbucadnnezzar​ king of Babylon and destroyed the whole city
including the Temple.The conquered of Judah/Jerusalem during the reign of their king Zedekia also by committing mortal sins made wrath to God.All things of the Temple taken to Babylon together with the people of the city and captivated in seventy years (Jeremiah 29:10-13).God angers announced​ by his prophets :
1kings 14:15-Israel scatters
2kings 17:20-then the whole seeds of Israel uprooted
Isiah 50:6-Israel and judah like Sheeps losts.
Jeremiah 33 :23- two kingdoms rejected.
Jeremiah 3:1-9-unfaithful Jerusalem given divorce regarding to their relations to God.(meaning the old covenant broken).
But Israel in Assyria at the shore of Euphrates because of severe laments even they never knew about God even their ancestors not mentioned about,by lying on the ground they moaning in seeking God their hearts knows that there is a saviour.And God turned again with them for help like happened to their ancestors that bondaged in Egypt for four hundred years and taken out by Mosses for freedom.
While Judah/Jerusalem because of their death treats of Nabucadnezzar the Jews bowed down to him with his pillar stones.
Israel brought out from Assyria after the three hundred and ninety years of captivity and scattered in Syria next eastern province.
And Judah/Jerusalem brought back in their place by rebuilding the ruined Temple and resuming their dutiies at sacred place p.In this case tribe of Judah chosen by god (Psalm 78:68).


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