Salvation of Crucification

The salvation of Crucification sybolized not to those who are covered by old laws(old testament) but to those who failed obey these.It was not for Judeah/Jerusalem but intended outside,the ten lost tribes of Israel.Israel mostly were Gentile Romans lineage.
Jesus accused and was judged in Judeah rejected by the Temple and high priests based in scriptures and Mosaic laws they follows but not in their hearts.So for love,also Jesus Christ rejected​ them.
Romans soldiers used in executions but the truth it needed instead slaughtering of animals for cleansing of sins yearly consecrated in sacred altar of the Temple.Jesus made it once and for all outside Judah/Jerusalem where the Temple stands.
Jesus Christ Crucification​ addressed to old sinned Israelites were living in Israel that scattered also for the preparations for their children in new world and laws with Jesus Christ.


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