The Passover

Celebration of unleavened bread is Passover after pasting during the time of old Israelites.It was first performed by Mosses before their Exodus from Egypt in the evening or after twilight.This is a symbol of freedom or Independence day upon their bondage or slavery in the hands of Egyptians.Mosses slaughtered an animal toasted cooked and they ate with bitter herbs as remembrance for their bettirness in the land to depart.He devided the unleavened bread into two meaning Israel will depart from Egypt for four hundred years of slavery.
Jesus Christ performed this during The Last Supper but some in other ways and meanings.He devided the unleavened bread for the breaking the world and laws from old to new.Slaughter of animal not anymore needed.When we have seen in church the letter “P” that is Passover and goblet a sign supposed to be will poured on us because of God’s anger to the world in account of transgressions or sins but Jesus drank the wine of judgment,he shouldered all instead for us.Passed to his desciples by resuming his mission for his people.
The cross Jesus carried is the very heavy transgressions of men to God.Jesus Christ nailed is the endless salvation when we call to God like he did.


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