God,in your hands…

When we born given breath,our parents offered us to God in babtizing to give us Holy Spirit.In living and our minds opened,permanently we always witnesses the poor are only in Opress because they are weaks and humbles never wanted of any trouble. The opress addressed with sacrificing their lives mostly behind from high level society.But sometimes people not consider as rich they treating others not human or might be considering their selves more favor in the eyes of God.Whatever pained and struggled they have done never to replied like the same and more terrible they will do against us.
In passion of Jesus Christ life not apart from these.He stands for he said in his teachings,”if you hit by them a rock response them throwing a bread and if you mocked on your left face, give them your right”.By humbling by surrendering our right as as a person do just like these and leave to God for what the good price will be given to us.Like Jesus after,he gone up to heave to be with the and surely we also be restored with God.Another on what Jesus said,”narrow road a way to heaven”.Opress are destined to walk in pain and sorrows.Just likely,if we wants to live eat,drink and enjoy but firstly sow,plant and wait for your productions.And we wants to marry a trusted woman,show first your loyal services to family not for her.But ungodly people will rides on these so oppressions should go on.Because we needs in sacrificing able to have heaven on this earth.
But in certain oppress man in the image of Jesus Christ, already in God hands while living in the world.Just call to save us.And when we have to leave here speak,”God,in your hands…I will surrender my spirit!.


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