Four Full Moons and Dust of Stars

Stress in living said,I who have nothing in sense of frustrations no one could trust only have wisdom of words of God inspires in minds.On my secret wealth no one will understand but instead telling me a fool.
In the mid of dark night in young age, alone in situations to forget put all of these in rest a while.I sleft.sleeping and had a dream sending me a message but never was understood what was about.I knew was a pleasant and sending a bright informations and fully inspiration.
I dreamed,I am setting on a floating high palace’s stair alone and wearing a robe viewing the four full moons in infront,back,left and right.looking down ward seeing a dust twinkling stars feeling that starring at me above.
And I was confronted these to an old woman who can explain me on what’s about.. She told me”God has plans with you on what things in your heart now”but still I could never understand. During my matured period slowly I understand the meanings while I’m the one doing what I want to do.In reading long of the Bible,discovered later in mind that I was building wisdom that I could shares.And in the year of 2003 when I was learned about website using it in building a free site.Slowly and slowly having a friends on Facebook discovering all of these on Google analytics.
The four full moons giving people in four channels of wind to give light and inspirations in night life.Dust of stars a wonderful in addition also.


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