I’m Thirsty​

When we thinks something good for the sake of others especially to our relatives,it will turns to discouragement when they acts against us and possible turning to hate us.Because they could not afford to understand on what wisdom we have to do it with them for the good we have plans or doing.Included in loving with regards to our works to God and also for love with fellows,friends,relatives,neighbors and more others deeply in our hearts we to offer the achievements we have planning to fulfill.
With love accompany of sacrifices reaching goals for not us alone.In our actions we only need cooperations and understanding but very difficult to have these for us.Usually we are in thrists about the love to show even just minded for the good of everyone for what we’ve done.But because we are in Christ all of these are with us.
Think only God all have done for the world in good but even a praise he only wanted his people never gave it.At end he scattered his blood on the streets and died to redeem again from sins.
But what the results when he was dying of sacrificing for us,when he spoke “I’m Thirsty” we gave to him a sponge with venegar and bladder.


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