Ways of the Devil

Devil always keep on distance from angels but angels want them friends.They dislikes good conversations especially with God.They hates angels doing because they use god’s precious stones work by pretending they don’t want to defeat by pure gold they never likes the radiant of hollies.Devils wants other admiring them,famous,honorable they in angers telling them bad wanting always on top.Devils have only targets the destruction of God creations and his people.Ungodly humans showing compassions are for their own benifits.Opressing poor and weaks they just like that showing in manners.They are very good in talking to destroy God’s people.That’s why they fond doing good but their hearts flaming in angers about these.We can see in their eyes and in actions nonsense movements even they are in angels attire.
They knows God people motions and emotions.We can detect devil ways in the crowd.


One thought on “Ways of the Devil

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