Son here’s your Mother, Mother here’s your Son…

As an Christians we can not avoid to the last seven last words of Jesus Christ on the cross that chained in our daily lives.Chain that only God can unlock which the only key is faith for our salvations.In different situations such way to teach of our mistakes.
First are our parents the primarily using by God as teachers for children.Forsaken child and abandoned to pursue what wants more in reaching of desires because of the things lack to make complete.Mother hates his son given by God as her company in life.
The son destined for darkness love and guidance for future frustrate him.Living in separate lifestsyle mother as socialite,son finding helping hands and place of comfortable that made misserable on latter.At an end turned back by friends escapes running away on rocky path from the law he wants to hide.
And in a sudden mother’s heart opened by God,pushing to her son to make actions for his sake.And she came to her son and intruduced her self,”son here’s your mother”.No one to approach for until minded she is in the dwelling place and others looking at her curiously.In heavy heart she didn’t even knows what words came out from her lips.
“Son of God here’s a mother foresaken and abandon son, but you are here that could not be abandon to a mother”.
And she added,”Son of my God,here’s a mother…take care of her”.


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