God,Why You Foresaken Me?

When at times we are in struggles we find God and ask for help especially in financials.And because God has very compassionate as his promised of salvation he find ways to help us.Even not by means of money as we directly wanted he will give us different idea to benefit by his given holy spirit in confirmation opening our wisdom.
In the days come why the blessed things he provided for us and benefited we use these in evil doing to multiply these much more.The heavy usually we are using his name.And then people around believing us because they been witnessed for the blessings God’s given us to share with them but out of nothing.
The serious things to happen is we don’t mind anyone with those people below us and treating them like animals when asking for help thinking we are sons of God unlikely compare to us.Then the terrible at end will occur,resulting of bad attitudes our minds become dirty and in fears untrusting around.The evil got in our thoughts against god angels even people not thinking madnesses on about.Resulting more worst effecting violence,hurting others then going in jail and if God don’t stop us we commit murder then our riches will disappear using to solve our problems.Becoming then turning with God’s help again that the mistakes done of our own.
Still God have descepline revoking his slight commandments on us today,”Love your God more to your self and love your neighbors”.God’s descepline he will out from us as given confirmation and will come back on calling again,whispering with tears,”God why you foresaken me?”.


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