Mirror of the Devil 2

That’s it,angels are the “mirror of the devil”.On what angels doing the devils doing too but devils make it wrong or in wrongs for their sake and diverted the mistakes to the angels.Hell people always wants trouble they​ like arguments without any good purpose and angels turning them back away. Devils always in dwelling places showing their faith and they buying the name of God in high amount of donations.Out of top God’s knowledge of wisdom people fond doing evils are less of understanding have an ears but no hearing.Attending but hearts to god have angers.Their actions toward faithfulness are just like us but not saying wisdom the words of heaven.When church said,”Jesus Christ said, I’m the way and the truth” they using it outside in front of mass not in God’s name.Never knew that they are devils but knows about angels because they using them in evil ways.
Do not call them evils and will revoke against you.When you want to make them laugh at you,call them angels.
Don’t treat they are enemies.Show humble with them and make peace.And don’t look at the mirror of the devil.


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