Mirror of the Devil

When we curious to a stranger,he will not replied,”I’m not bad or I’m good” usually will not look at our eyes instead he is looking around finding what he wanted get or to ask for usually an expensive things. The good man if we ask, will not response”I’m a good man” but sometimes will replied,”I’m not bad”.He will look  at our eyes directly and will speak what in his heart, a small thing that we will not shamed  at him and himself also to us.And this will be a valuable to him.Ungodly persons we can detects with many probably in church looking at them holy or in the banquet forcing themselves showing important than others.They wants in honorary table always first at special chair of visitors grabbing an attention and they very good in speeches.The good diverse from these,he will humble himself.He will put himself distance of the people hiding nobody could see him unless one from a member approach inviting him to get in.And the very first to leave amongst all.The bad until if the last bottle could not serve he fond of making noise to mind him.He wants to bring all our in leaving.The devil always talking bad against the white shadow of an angel.The angel will not speak about the mirror of the devil.
Devils always want to defeat hollies showing by making good.The mirror of goodness and mirror of the devil our heart knows.


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