Farewell from Darkness

For this coming lenten seasons I will share my special post for the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ what was about and the reasons why?.
But before we go in revelation,we may first to look back during old days where our ancestors old Israelites tested in first commandments and they sacrified those during their dark ages.And because they sacrified was also redeemed by sacrifice.Redeemption of cleansing relies to their offsprings like us and made new creations.
The first here is the observance of holy week,good Friday and black Saturday as ours of today.This was commanded by God the father during their redeemtion from slavery in Egypt.Slaughter of animals putting on their window jams so that the smoke death of judgment will recognize them and not to hits them while Mosses their head and his family eating supper before leaving the land of Egypt.The supper which also called Passover after the week of unleavened bread celebrations same as ours of today(pasting).The day followed was called their celebrations​ of “Freedom” “The Sabbath Day” to know all that there is a living God.This covenant is everlasting to the generations to come and we are the targets.Law implemented during the first day of creation and the seventh day is God’s day,holy to him of rest meaning we must respect him.Occurs on the sixth day begins at twilight until the following day of seventh ended also in twilight time.This decree repeated to them when they based on the foot of mount Sinai when they out of Egypt, witnessed by the appearance of God(blood testified).
And days come in the same month on the same day the ritual of consecration performed yearly in the Temple behind the curtain as temporary cleansing of sins.Our ancestors generations next to King David failed to obey this during their kings as head.
Then King of Kings has come Jesus,at the same month,week and day,he held the last supper in the evening after twilight same as Mosses did upon their redeemtion from slavery.Jesus said,”this blood will pour for the redeemtion of the world” so that new world will farewell from darkness.And Jesus Christ died on the cross in following day at twilight and raised from the dead in the Lord’s day we calls now Sunday.As the sun rising for a new day of ours.


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