God created the world and man then became sinners,and he wip his people to decipline.He redeemed and forgiven as he shows of humble.But in the last page of the Bible says,Revelation 22:11-Whoever is evil must go on doing evil,and whoever is filthy must go on doing filthy; whoever doing good must go on doing good,and whoever is holy go on being holy.
The Bible describes world still the world from the beginning so there’s still evils and hollies and the war will never end.
All faithful with God experienced encounters against son of the devil there are numerous of hardships and difficulties but they never gave ups knowing that good will overcome.Servants of God keep continuing their missions in the name of heaven even at their backs or either in front many insulting, blaspheming and laughing at them they encounters but still have in patience.
Like the ordinary people happens same to these wherever we go, usually when we speaks about God or the Bible,we think sometimes they could not admit it but in talking about devil all enjoys.All in the same of doing good,must always in patience and at the time will come if they needs us,we always be there to welcome and give help.As an Christians we are always giving forgiveness with humble.
According to the Gospel,Christians are humble in hearts.But even we knows it’s never end.


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