Lost Ten Tribes

Many arguing until today about the lost ten tribes of Israel(Jacob sons).Actually they are not lost tribes or inhabitants but said lost in the sight of God.
The ten lost tribes are the north kingdom and in southern part are two tribes Judah and Simeon(devided during king Jeroboam time).The northern kingdom conquered by Assyrians in 721 BC.and brought out after three hundred ninety years but never came back to their places.
They called losts because they not attended the requirements of laws so they not anymore called Israelites the holy people that covered by the decrees.Meaning to say,when Jesus came to their place and visited,they are not anymore the people who living there.The said places already named Samaria and Nazareth.Jesus Christ just performed about the past in the place to make new and commanded his Apostles to scatter the whole world to find the rest of the losts for his name.Jesus already found the first lost and that are Romans that saw him personally and heard him(beatitudes).
Actually to make it true, not only the banner of Israel was lost but the people in the land where God inherited for them.
The Ten Lost Tribes migrated going north east from Israel.They headed by the house of Joseph Manasseh and Ephraim who bears Israel name said that they America and Britain.Others gone to Rome that bears Christ Church and where Paul and Peter stayed as Jesus Christ commanded on them(book of Acts).
Judah(Judeah in time of Christ) and Simeon left at the south until Jesus Christ came and entered the City of Jerusalem and Temple until he performed his mission.


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