Ancestors Grieved

Sometimes I have tearfell upon recalling our ancestors grieved.
In me,we could not blame or to judge why they committed sins with regards to the written laws especially in rituals cleansing of sins by slaughtering of animals every year in the Temple of Jerusalem.They wants to obey the requirements.Firstlly,the lands inherited to them is very far from Jerusalem Temple.Difficult to them to go attending because they so many(according to prophecy in the beginning).And when the two kingdoms devided which have different government,not easy to them to enter and they asking for taxes they far in riches compares to Judah/Jerusalem they are poor.Secondly,when they conquered and brought in Assyria,they have thrown like animals in the place,no shelters and foods to get.And addition breaking the law they ate forbidden foods from the river of no choices.God forgotten them and the people in the whole land.
After the long,long years and generations had passed because of grieveness they looking for survivorbut no one can help them.None from olds teached them about God but they dropped their bodies down to the ground groaning crying finding God the only remedy can help them.And to this God heard them and help.Our ancestors grieved then after they restored.
The history tells about the breaking laws of inoscence unintentionally.But this was an agreement signed by blood no one can foresake the only way is to redeem by blood to break it.
If we thinks it’s really true the proof was when Jesus and his family traveled from Nazareth to Jerusalem they spent seventy two hours imagine how difficult to the tribes with many children doing this yearly.
So,when Jesus still living he announced…”Lucky are poor they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.They will rise”. And the prophecy fulfilled See, what are now America and Britain even the Gentile-Roman that people before called dirty just because they out from old law.
Gentile-means not covered by the law of Israel where God put an agreement.
So,Israel broke the law they not anymore will be called Israel.
Our ancestors grieved,seeked and called God for our freedom.


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