God’s Words, He Himself

in going to church or in dwelling places,ask first God to go with us then he will get in our hearts and we go that “God is with us” or “God is within us”.Reminding he is with us.We could not find God anywhere or by our eyes.
In churches and in dwelling places we can find the personal presence of god but his words that we could hear from the mouth of priests and church heads that with in them.The words we hear from them are to refresh about God’s great teachings for lasting good of his children to understand us the message of the Holy spirit as a firewood to maintain the fire in our hearts by means of God’s words of wisdom that never be faded.
By calling God he will enter in us bringing his words and put in our hearts that sometimes we missed.God words is he himself.When we commit wrongs and mistakes he will remind us in conscience to recover.
People committing are not known to him.They not knows God and they not hears him with his words.
Then again mistakes,wrongs,faults are not charged for sins but sometimes are teacher that to reminds us.
Be maintain words of wisdom in us to use these in sharing others.These God’s words,he himself.


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