Melody,a song with heavenly symphony,
An anthem that my soul pledge so dearly
Your notes like a fire burning my body
Deeply in my heart,I adore you secretly.

You’re always with me in my bed time,
Humming your tune in a great refrain
Beating your rythm like a pouring rain
Melody’s created in classical trend.

Shines of hope give strength to my fingers,
Your key’s flame runs through my guitar strings
Heat of every lines spread to all my veins
Your messages is a sun enlightened my brain.

In the night during my deepest sleep,
You’re a cindirella appeared on my stairs
Prince and princess floating on the air
You and I dancing with your enchanted music.

Melody,I’m deeply in love with you,
Wishing in my dream that you will do
I’m always think of you wherever I go
Slave to a vision that never be true.


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