You are my Beloved

You’re in my side to encourage out in hard situations,
People witnessed when church pronunced us bride and groom
Vowed giving you my life,one love and lasting soul
Would be your very own,’cause you’re one in a million.

You like a child cries in worries and insecurities,
You are my pretty doll when laugh of my foolishness
You are god’s living image sent to me this earth
Guiding our kids to form as honorable children.

With soft heart and understandings ready to forgive,
For the beauty and righteousness you are there to lead
My faithful servant always willing to serve all my needs
A tender loving assistant without asking any granted.

The torch is in your hands to light rules in our home,
With fighting strength able to protect our relations
You are flame of love is a sacred and my devotion
You the woman I’m in love to be proud in millions.

You’ll be there waits me to accept my emptiness,
Teacher of my mistakes,an eye of my soroundings
You are precious asset,a queen of my everything
And you are my beloved from the start to the end.


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