Usually,lack of faith we can commit wrong doing or mistakes but these could not be charged in sinning.Even as Christians we forgot a lot of things to bring us in in turning left way.And in lack of faith,we committed unintentional error and this is the fact we rejected good to bad turning in serious.And think after that we are in problem.So,we find a remedy to solve and get other people as protection for saving us even by means of money just by helping us.But then after,because of debt,again we find ways to resolve then and then.Just because instead by calling God,we in immediate actions to wrong again.Sometimes at an end we use as final weapon is prayer.God’s help for us is unconditional and no more to think another after,all are cleared.Just Conffess how it began and admit.

In the books of Gospel when Jesus Christ was held sermons on the Mount,people asked him how to pray and he teached them:
“Here’s how to pray he said, Our father who art in heaven holy be your name thy kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.Give us each day our daily bread and forgive our sins.Don’t bring us to the test but deliver us from evil, Amen.”And we follow this alone in silent place.
In addition to make this more effective:
In the name of your begotten son that poured his own blood and died on the cross to redeem our sins,then say your petition_______, Christ the saviour,save me from my problems and difficulties.I understand the mirror of wisdom that reflects me from heaven but I could not overcome alone the fire of my enemies wants to burn me to hell.In the name of Christ Jesus,Amen.
After this if you smell the unordinary fragrance of flower or perfume, your prayer has listened.The holy Spirit visit you.


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