Man in the Image of God

In the words “The coming of son of man” and “The second coming of Christ”,a lot curious about these and in fears.
In asking,if there’ll be a second coming so there was first came? Many says,”when Jesus born and crucified died and raised to heaven’.But if we think it over Jesus born as man in the image of God because of mission.The title “Christ” given to him after he glorified after the accomplishment of his mission in the world.Christ was asked the father to forgive our sins especially to our ancestors because of innocence in the past laws written and we forgiven.This God’s planed he will able clean us in order we direct to ask him our petitions and he will listen.To save our problems are included in redemption by saving us.So,he created new world in Christ name not in animal image and behaviours.
Many says,”the second coming of Christ is to born again and judge the sinners”.So in this sayings is certain because we baptize in Christ name to apart from sins.
Just because many wanted to deceit the mind of Christians and maybe they are not belongs to us.The coming of son man is Jesus Christ because God cursed the past kingdom of his father king David.It pertains during the second destruction of Jerusalem headed by Titus the Roman with the banner of Jesus Christ as God’s image to close permanently.For the take over by new kingdom to endure forever.
Man made by God in his image,he redeemed in order to return back him,”God is with us” he is in us.So, what is the favor of God to destruct mankind?.He made the world special and beautiful compares in any things in the universe.World is God’s kingdom.He will not make it desolate.


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