The Seventh of Seven

Israel devided in seven parts(Joshua 18:11-Joshua19:40-47) Seventh was Dan tribe
Stone Signs(Revelation-21:19-20)
1) Joshua 18:11- Benjamin Jasper
2) Joshua 19:1- Simeon Sapphire
3) Joshua 19:10- Zebulon Chalcedony
4) Joshua 19:17- Issachar Emerald
5) Joshua 19:24- Asher Sardonyx
6) Joshua 19:32- Naphtali Carnelian
7) Joshua 19:40- Dan Crysolyte
Numbers 2:25- Dan will march last
Exodus 25:31- A gold lampstand and seven lamps
Revelation 1:20-The seven churches
Revelation 5:6- The seven horns,the seven eyes and the seven spirit
Revelations 6:1-12; Revelation 8:15-18-The seven seals
Revelation 15:1-6; Revelation 16:2-17-The seven bowls poured- “It is done”
Revelation 3:14-“Laodicea”-The seventh church with the word”Amen”.
Mathew 16:13-18-Jesus Christ arrived with his apostles in the place Czesarea Philippi.Jesus proclaimed “upon this rock I will build my church”.
Czesarea Philippi(Previous called Panias or Dan)and remaimed possession until the death of Jesus Christ in AD 33.
— Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-701
Czesarea Philippi-A town near the source of Jordan at the foot of mount Hermon.The northern most point of our Lord journeys.(Mathew 13:16).
–The Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-628.
Sign of Freedom:
Zechariah 4: 2-Lampsptand with seven flames.
Zechariah 4:10-The seven flames are the eyes of God that lights through out the world.
The lampstand is the church of Christ.
The seven flames are the seven tribes of Israel.


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