Judah was fourth son of Jacob among his twelve sons.And this was his blessings from his father(Genesis 49:8-12):
Judah,your brothers will praise you.You hold your enemies by the neck.Your brothers will down before you.Judah is like a lion,killing his victim and returning to his den.Sreching out and lying down.No one dares disturb him.Judah will hold the royal scepter,And his descendants will always rule.Nations will bring him tribute,and in obeydience before him until the one arrives where it belong.He ties his young donkey to a grapevine.To the very best of the vines.He washes his clothes in blood-red wine.His eyes are bloodshot from drinking wine..His teeth whitening from drinking milk.
Dan was seventh sons of Jacob and this his blessings from his father:
Dan will be ruler of his people.They will like the other tribe of Israel.Dan will be the snake of the roadside.A poisonous snake beside the path.
And was the blessings of Mosses to Dan:
Dan is a young lion;he leaps out from Bashan.And shiloe holds his hands forever.
To Judah,he will be scepter means kingly government and his brothes will bow down him so Temple and Jerusalem in him.But only temporary until the one arrive where it belong.
And Dan, Shiloe will hold his hands forever.He will the ruler of his people as young lion.
Bashan means pasture land of sheeps.
Shiloe means heaven.
Mathew 22:43-45-Kingdom of heaven will be taken from Judah/Jerusalem.
Jhon 4:21-Days will come dwell not made in Jerusalem.


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