Israel 2

In Israel1,stated Jacob changed his name by God to Israel the father of The Twelve Tribes and became nation “Israel”.Among the twelve there is one special to the sight of God and he is Joseph-the lost sheep,son of Jacob Israel.Joseph had sons born in Egypt named Manasseh the eldest and Ephraim the youngest.
Joseph had two sons when the whole family lives in Egypt.They named Manasseh the eldest and Ephraim the youngest.And when Jacob in old age and lost his sights,Joseph brought his two sons to Jacob and his father blesses the two boys.(Exodus 48) Joseph placed Manasseh infront of Jacob on right portion because he is the eldest and Ephraim on the left because he is the youngest supposed to be Manasseh is the one to receive the blessing because he is eldest.But Jacob crossed his hands and his right hand was put on top of the head of Ephraim the youngest and left was put on the head of Manasseh the eldest.So, Joseph reacted on what happened.But the blind Jacob said,”They both two will become have same powers but the youngest will be the greatest.So this was happened.
And Jacob blesses his twelve sons and to Joseph this was he said:
Genesis 49:24-26-“…By sheperd protector of Israel,It is your father’s God to help you “The Almighty God who blesses you.With blessing of the rain from above,And the deep waters from beneath the ground, blessings of many cattles and children, blessings of grain and flowers, blessings of ancient mountains, delightful things from everlasting hills.
May these blessings rest on head of Joseph.On the brow one set apart from his brothers”.And Joseph died in the land of Egypt but he requested to bring his bones to the land where they will possess (Genesis 50:22-26).
When Israel released from bondage in Egypt,before they go Mosses bring Joseph bones and buried to the land of Ephraim he possessed in Israel when they conquered.And also Jacob buried in this land(Genesis 47:27-31).Jesus Christ stayed in this place during his time and seated on the well of Jacob but the place already called Samaria in that time (Jhon 11:54).


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