Losts found

Genesis 37:3-10-God named Jacob Israel
Genesis28:10-21-Jacob sees the gate of heaven in Bethel in Luz-on the latter called Israel bears in Jacob name after they conquered the place Canaan.
Genesis 35:22-25-The sons of Jacob as “The Twelve Tribes of Israel”.
Joshua16:1-4-The land inherited to the house of Joseph located on North when the whole land Israel devided into two parts.South belongs to Judah(Judeah in time of Christ where the throne of King David and Temple stands and the city is Jerusalem).
The North Kingdom committed mortal sins according to law of Mosses that brought them to course by God.They first conquered than Judah. The North Kingdom Israel brought to Assyria and they put along Euphrates river.After 390 years they forgotten and never knew where they came from.Then they called “losts” upon scatters.As their last weapon for the laments,Israel called to God (Psalms80:1-3; Psalms 102:4-11).And God heard Israel groaning (Jeremiah31:18-19).God answered the calling of people Israel (Hosea 1:10; Hosea (2:23). Then God announced that he will send fishermen (Jeremiah 16:16).And it fulfilled in Bethsaida river of(Jesus got his apostles here) Galilee in the land of Nazareth as per prophecy of Isiah in 700 BC. but name of place has changed in time of Jesus.Jesus comes to find his lost Sheeps(Mathew 10:15-16).
“Losts” found during the journey of Jesus and his deciples in the North land Syria a town of Czesarea Philippi(Mathew 13:16) in Mount Hermon where Jesus his sermons and transfigurations was held.In this place the unknown Israelites scattered because Assyria and Syria are nearby provinces.The book of Isiah declares God has changed their names.Not all but according in tribes.In journey sheeps of Jesus had met him personally especially during sermons in the MT.they was heard him.
These are Bible’s proclaimed :
John 8:47-Sons of God hears to what Jesus Christ says.
Jhon 10 27:27-Sheeps of Christ listen to him.
John 10:14-Jesus know his Sheeps.
John 6:44- God the Father gives authority to the people who approach Jesus Christ.
Jhon 10:27-30-Jesus Christ sheeps know him.
Jhon 8:51-Those who believes in Christ will not die.
Bethel-Formerly called Luz(Genesis 28:19)The he border of Ephraim and Benjamin,and one of the most sacred spots in Israel.Here Abraham built his altar in his arrival in Canaan(Genesis 12:8-13).Here Jacob had his dream,and set up a pillar.It was the sanctuary in the days of Samuel.Jeroboam selected it as one of the places in which to set up the alf workshop.
Bible Dictionary (KJV) Page-620.


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