Israel 1

Untill today many or no one knows about Israel and can’t be identified that he or she is Israelite.Even in geographical​ map we could not to sure the people living in place named Israel are Hebrews an original Iraelites of Jacob..The stories in the book of Kings1 and 2 in old testament are pivotal and mysterious since the northern kingdoms was conquered by Assyrians during the reign by their king Hosea.Only known that tribes of Naphtali, Zebulon and Dan was taken to Assyria by king Shalmanezzer.Reuben along west of Jordan river,Ephraim and the two big provinces of Manasseh a half was left.Aser,Gad not mentioned was taken.Declared Israel was taken but not each tribe they put to scatter in different places in Assyria especially in big river Euphrates (Halah,Habor).On the latter Israel named Samaria (2kings17:5-6).
Many times declared in the Bible by God that Israel bears his name (Jeremiah 31) especially his son Ephraim.Bears name by powers and the laws of God in the world or through universe.
Southern kingdoms are Judah, Simeon and Benjamin.Judah conquered during the reign by their king Zedequia and taken to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar.Judah was under captivity of Babylon and released back in Judah/Jerusalem after seventy years.Simeon and Benjamin not mentioned that they were taken.
We focus now about Ephraim in the north called by God his son.
In book of Exodus,Ephraim is younger brother of Manasseh born in Egypt for Joseph the most beloved son of Jacob among his twelve sons.Joseph became “lost” in the sight and mind of Jacob when Joseph sold by his brothers to stranger Egyptian when they were sheperds tending sheeps of their father Jacob in wilderness of Ephrata(Bethlehem).And Joseph brought in Egypt because of jealous, they’ve it done against to the beloved of their father.Jacob almost to die in lament because of Joseph that his brothers kept to Jacob on what they did.Brothers only shown to Jacob the teared and blooded robe of Joseph to prove that he killed by wild animal.The lovely “robe” was given by Jacob to Joseph.Joseph became governor in Egypt.
Robe means the advance information about “Royalty”.


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