Winter To Spring Time

Lovers beneath the tree talking viewing the rice fields while people are replanting for the present rainy seasons.
Man said,”I’m very sorry I’ve missed by contacting you sinced I’m gone to comply my duties in other land.They not allowed us as new comers to any phones or gadgets.When I’m gone,we began lovers in winter and year had passed,now I’m home in spring time”.
And girl replied,”you sowed seeds and it grows but autumn and summer came and the leaves falled down and was almost to die.But the roots still alive.And now again spring time,no need to sow or to plant again.Need only a shower from farmer to nourish and able to bloom again”.Because the farmer is already here that failed to care on what he planted”.
And the heart of man jump in gladness for what he heard.Then they are together and again sharing rain showers.


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