Light in my Heart

One man parked with his car along the street of dark city.Because of heavy rains have just over it caused total electricity black out.Then, a one woman rang him on his phone said,”Come and get me here I have to go home now”!.A man replied,”I can’t do it just because of a hard situations here;up knee water on the street,dark every where I can’t go along and also because of my car’s failure head lamp”.
In same situations man saw other one man walking on the middle of a street waving his staff before him.The blind man don’t mind the deep water he ahead for while holding on his hand a small food wrapped with paper.Blind approached the rugged tent on a side of the road where his kids and wife also blind waits him.The man watching witnessed how happy the family was.
And he call backed a woman he said,”Honey,I’d seen you already!Woman answered,”what happened?”.Man replied,”You are my wife,so I saw your light in my heart”.


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