Green Leaves of Golden years

During our young old days,
Same as others sweet lovers
But we have our ways of bondings
Eating together on vendors food street.
Running through the park as free,
Fond of passing and jumping over the fence
Running on the green grass, touching trees
Enjoying on rocking horseback riding.
All weeks of months,full moon after the day,
Sweet talking,embracing exchanging fancy rings
No wondering dates turned to our wedding.
In couple of years we have our own children
Home filled with joy and laughter everywhere
Kids singing and dancing on the chairs
Not long on the latter they are also parents.
Times has passed by with a wonderful dreams. Looking back memories to green leaves of days,
For your old Clara’s dress and long silvery hair
And mine an old fashioned polo and golden bald head
Now,we celebrates our fiftieth golden years
Ridding,holding my old wooden rocking chair.


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