Acts of Love

Don’t allow money to change you.
Because shines of money will bring you to darkness.
I’ts will turn you to mud.Mud is the lowest of all without price.
Instead,find the precious stone that most valuable.When you look for it,put it in and to your heart.It’s shinning like a rainbow.The true colors of beauty.It will delight by your eyes that sorrounds you.
If you have this, you have the collections of all good that stores in your heart.Because good things within you, will comes out in words through you mouth.It is a music to the ear of others.It will delight,getting the attention to others, making you a wonderful “Acts of LOVE”.And their hearts touches while you shows kindness and wisdom.Not knowing your mind but what heart wants to you to act and to do.And also it will reflect what the way you to dress.Fashion fits to you push to admire around eyes in addition.
Then heart with true color of love that sees these will come near to you.Wants to own you.
And it will be your valuable crown.Your treasure… your honor… your everything above all.


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