Finding Losts 1

Very hard and difficult to find God.Even seeking him in dwelling places.Attending in organizations or listening to religious people.God himself came to the world finding us as “losts”.
600 BC.In the book of Ezeqiel,God announced that he will find his lost sheep with fishermen.And this was fulfilled as prophesied by Isiah in 700 BC mentioning about sea of Galilee.And it occured before 33 AD in the place here Jesus got the fishermen.
Sermon on the MT. in the book of Gospels,was mentioned where Jesus and his apostles journeys in Czesarea Philippi.In the book of Matthew this MT. called Hermon located in this town the province of Syria in northern Israel
Something we noticed here,when Jesus said,”upon this rock I will build my church, and even death can not overcome”.
In the book of Exodus old testament The “Twelve Tribes of Israel” given each by God name as prescious stones.
We can noticed that this town Czesarea Philippi before named Dan(map Palestine before Christ) as the seventh son of Israel (Jacob).The location is clear,on map this town stands on the top part of land Israel. Transfiguration of Jesus was also held here.God himself called Israel “rock” how many times in the Bible.So,Jesus came here finding the “losts” and approached us with teachings from his mouth on the MT.So who people was there listened on sayings of Jesus and planted in their hearts are his Sheeps.
Czesarea Philippines sounds Roman.And please see,the book of Philippians 4:22-Apostles salutes to the house of Ceazar.
Romans 1:7-Romans has been called Saints.
Maccabees 8:12-Romans are most powerful wearing robes and crown.


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