Finding Losts 2

In the book of Ezeqiel and Hosea in old testament,Israel captivated by King Shalmanezzer of Assyria by disobeying the law during the time of their King Hosea.They put and scatters in Goshen along Eufrates river and they committed additional sins by eating raws as their foods at river shore.Then they called Gentiles and not anymore covered by the law of Israel.Because of severe laments, they called to God finding and asking for help.And because of God compassions to his people he turned his face again to them and speak a new agreement.
After 390 years of captivity he brought them out from Assyria like bees scatters in Syria to the province next going east coast.For so many,they called colonies and maybe this is a fulfillment of prophecy that Abraham offsprings will become as many as stars and sands on the seashore.But they not anymore allowed by God to turned back to their place Israel where covers by his existing laws given to Mosses.
Until Jesus came as the “Promised Messiah” to find them.Jesus atonement or redeeming of sins not executed in Israel or in Temple of Jerusalem not like before doing by old Israelites slaughtering of animals for cleansing of sins each year.
Jesus execution done outside to the place Golgotha not in the place Israel that covered by law of Mosses but for the Gentiles.Jesus Christ brought by Roman-Gentile soldiers out of Judean/Jerusalem carrying his cross on shoulder and nailed outside not in the place covered by decrees.Jesus redeemed Israel who abadoned the law of sacrifices.And Jesus Christ was raised after and brought his wounded body to the most Holy place.He offered to the father in behalf of our sins.Not in man made Temple.
It was “Finished” as spoken by Jesus before he died on the cross.We knew all about the tearing down of curtain at holy place of the Temple during Jesus death,on this place rituals made by offering of animals blood.No one authorized in that place except priests of the Temple where tablets of “The Ten commandments” in the box was placed after the curtain.And Jerusalem included Temple destroyed and abolished in 64 AD.
So,Jesus found his losts outside Israel and redeemed them back to God.And still many done mission by Apostles by the name of God’s Spirit.Because God wants to approach and welcome us in his open arms.


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