You Are…

You are the image of shinning eve,
Reflected by golden rays of dawn
You are the mirror of my every desires
You are a lullaby of my sleepless nights.

You are the morning glory of beautiful views,
You are the colorful rainbow of my tommorow
You are the melody and meaning of my song
You are the perfect beauty of ancient nature.

You are the radder that makes world’s go round,
The sweetest wine I’ve taste where joy had found
You are the course of my life indirection
And you are the shadow of my inspiration.

You are a fairytale in the kingdom of fantasy,
You are an oceans pearl looks so lovely
You are kneeling by silver dawn like a majesty
You are a perfect portrait of Mary full of mercy.

And you are the inspiration of my every desires,
You are my guiding soul existing to everlasting life
You are one I’m wishes to give every thing you want
You are a mountain of tests that I’ve wanted to climb.


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