Wisdom 2

Wisdom will make honored than all your neighbors;when you speak in assembly ,she give you right words,you will find happiness and genuine joy: your name will remember forever….
Wisdom shines bright and never grows dim;
Those who love here and took for her,can easily find her She is quick to make herself to make known to everyone who desires her.
The signs of slavery you wear will become signs of Royal majesty.Her chain will be your protection and you will wear yoke like a magnificent robe you will wear wisdom like a splendid crown.
To fasten your attention on wisdom is to gain perfect understanding.If you look for her, you will soon find peace of mind.
Wisdom, understanding,knowledge of the law and doing good deeds-all these came from the Lord.
The responsibilities of wisdom are vaster than ocean; her resources are more profound than the deepest waters beneath the seas.
The Lord give wisdom as gifts to religious people are gifts that endure… if he approves you,you will always successful.
If you want be wise, keep the Lord commands and he will give you wisdom in abundance.
Wisdom is the book of God’s commandments that will last forever.All who hold onto her will live but those who abandoned will die.
It is better ,if I is God’s will,to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.
Any of you lack wisdom ,you should pray to God, who will give it to you and precious to all.
All wisdom comes the Lord.And wisdom is with him forever….
To the righteous people that holds wisdom claim to know God,and they call themselves the Lord’s children.They are not like other people, they have strange in ways.


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